April, 2021
Congratulations to Recent
NeighborWorks Lincoln Homebuyers!
 "I’ve become more aware of how difficult it is for families with lower income to get out of the renting cycle and buy a house on their own... Being a single mom on a preschool teacher salary would never have allowed me to buy a house without your program and I am forever grateful! I love my job and am so thankful to be able to keep my job while supporting my son and providing him a safe home!" - Makenzie Crew
Community Leadership
The Covid-19 crisis has been overwhelming, but it has presented a massive opportunity for us in our Community Building department. We have had to adapt to find new ways to empower residents, cultivate leadership, and create safe environments for our neighborhoods as we find a “New Normal.”

NeighborWorks Lincoln's Community Leadership Institute (CLI) group has decided to organize a local resource fair which will be held during NeighborWorks week. NeighborWorks Week will be open to the public, but will focus on outreach to the core neighborhoods. During this event, the CLI group will disperse information on local resources to raise awareness and empower renters/owners about their rights and responsibilities. This event will allow NeighborWorks to reveal their new Block Party Trailer, which is sponsored by Lincoln business partners. Click here learn how you can reserve the NeighborWorks Block Party Trailer for your next event.
We are looking for individuals who are passionate about their neighborhoods to serve on our volunteer committees. Committees typically meet every other month. Let us know you're interested by filling out this volunteer survey and one of our staff will get back to you.
Give to Lincoln Day
When: Tuesday, May 25th
Giving starts May 1st!

NeighborWorks Week
When: June 6th-12th

Stay tuned for more information about these and other upcoming events!
The Market Today
"​Not even a pandemic has been able to derail the red-hot Lincoln real estate market,stated the Lincoln Journal Star. From June 2019 to June 2020, Lincoln housing costs increased by 12%. As home prices rise, first-time homebuyers continue to face a daunting reality.

​Bill Porn, NeighborWorks Lincoln's HUD Certified homeownership counselor, spoke of today's housing market: ​"​In today's market, homebuyers need to be reasonable and prioritize their needs versus desires​,​ ​making trade​-​offs​ where possible​​​. B​u​yers ​also ​have to be ready to act quickly if they see a house that they like. There is a lot of competition and agents are telling me 5-10 offers on a property is not surprising in the market today.​"​

With the challenges of poor housing conditions and rising costs, the need for quality, affordable housing is becoming more critical than ever. Organizations are being challenged to come up with innovative ways to solve this problem, from forming creative partnerships to starting new programs and applying for additional funding. NeighborWorks Lincoln recently received a grant from The Sunderland Foundation that enables the organization to spend more money on home repairs in order for them to be able to purchase homes within their budgets. In addition, the education NWL provides is crucial in helping potential clients analyze their financial situation and determine whether homeownership is right for them, or could be in the near future. If you or someone you know is interested in the program, you can have them apply at www.nwlincoln.org. In the meantime, NeighborWorks Lincoln is up for the challenge of developing creative strategies to build and maintain affordable, quality housing opportunities and healthy communities.