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Over the last few months, our operations within Young Mediterranean Voices programme across MENA Countries have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of our face-to-face activities put on hold.
We were able to replace many of these with online activities. This has enabled us to continue increasing opportunities for young people and supporting them to make positive contributions in their communities during this crisis.
This newsletter brings you all the updates about our recent activities!

Our Latest News

Launch of the Young Mediterranean Voices programme website
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Young Mediterranean Voices programme website, aiming for a user-friendly experience with easy access to information.
The website provides an easy way to learn about the programme and to share experiences from the programme's alumni, partners and supporters around the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Online Cascade Training
The previous face-to-face YMV Cascade Training has gone online this year across the eight MENA countries.

Despite the technological challenges, these online trainings created an opportunity for Hub Leads to reach out to youth in different cities. Young women and men are now having the chance to enhance their debate skills and techniques while staying safe at home.

Learn more about the


Our recent activities

Online Debates
National Debate Training

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Young Mediterranean Voices programme kept youth across the MENA region connected through the #YMVOnlineDebates.

These online debates proved
that nothing can stop youth voices from being heard!

Active debate clubs that were founded during Young Mediterranean Voices or during its precursor, Young Arab Voices were invited to participate in the Debate Club Project challenge.
Using debate as a main tool for social change, the debate clubs tackled a key need/issue in their community, aiming at inviting the right stakeholders to raise their awareness and drive them to take an action.
Best of luck to the YMV Debate Clubs in Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, and Tunisia who took up on this challenge!

As part of the Young Mediterranean Voices
programme's cycle of activities, the National Debate Training was held virtually in the eight countries were the programme operates.

"I was hesitant in the beginning thinking that it's going to be online, it's going to be boring... but it was fun! My expectations were met. This training was well-informative. It wasn't repetitive to me, although I was part of last year's adjudication camp, I got to learn new things, refresh my mind on my debate knowledge and also learn how to cascade this knowledge to young people." Meriam Yahiaoui - Tunisia

"By making this shift from the traditional process into E-process and by being non-stopable, I've learned a lesson from YMV. This lesson helped me noticing that knowledge and experience have no borders and can't be stopped. And that helped me starting the "re rule", which is re-set, re-adjust, and re-start toward my goals."  Rimah Al Awar - Lebanon

Whilst some of the countries chose to simply conduct a refresher for their existing Peer Facilitators, this event was an opportunity for the programme in Algeria, Lebanon, and Tunisia to welcome the new joiners to the YMV pool of Peer Facilitators!

"This year's National Debate Training came along with the COVID-19 pandemic, which made the whole process an interesting one. At first, I thought using online training, with 5 hours a day accompanied with, power cuts, poor connection, and just intense civil war clashes will be mission impossible; so at one point I had to rely on my spirit and my partner in training's positive spirits. I thought with our passion for the cause, for a better Libya, a Libya that dialogue will make a part of, we'll work hard to make it happen.
Remarkably we continued even with power cuts, using every device, gadgets, charge lamp in the house, and exceeding 8 hours training with trainees asking us for more days of training and with passion and will, making the last day of training an emotional one . 
This have given us the best example and the best motive to start our next training with even a stronger will and love for what we do." Hiba Ahmed Elsheikh, Libya

Online Euro-Med Debate and Policy Forum
Held for the second year, the Young Mediterranean Voices"Virtual" Euro-Med Debate and Policy Forum took place from 30 September to 5 October 2020.

The Forum is a dialogue-based event connecting young leaders from across the two shores of the Mediterranean, for a unique programme of online intercultural debates, policy round-tables, networking sessions and virtual exchange.

"Being involved in many activities, participating in many volunteering work, and working in different fields before gave me great experience which I can share with all the participants in the forum." 
- Salma Khaled - Egypt - Member of the Euro-Med Debate and Policy Forum 2020 winning team

Policy recommendations were presented as the main output to decision-makers in a culminating High Level policy dialogue session on Monday 5 October 2020

A Throwback to...

The Peer Facilitator 2020
Virtual Meeting in Tunisia
Young Mediterranean Voices programme in Tunisia postponed their annual National Debate Training due to COVID-19 outbreak and chose to welcome their 2020 Peer Facilitator applicants through a Virtual Meeting.

"To me debating means open minds, minds that I want to see and meet wherever I go. Minds that I want to teach and teach with. Minds that I want to live with in this country... " - Islam Belkahla


The Master Facilitation Training

Check-out the Young Mediterranean Voices programme

Stories of #YoungMedVoices
- Reem Macherki, Master Facilitator in Tunisia
"After a vibrant student life in the heart of Tunis, I was assigned to teach English in the remote quiet town of Kebili in the Tunisian South.
Although I had already stepped out of my comfort zone a couple of times by then, that sudden move felt, at that time ...[Read more]

Upcoming Activities

October - November 2020
National Debate Forums

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