Camp Update - Keeping Our Campers Safe!

Dear Camp Mansfield Families,

Our staff have been working hard on our developing procedures, guidelines and lesson plans to include additional health and safety precautions that are required by the state and local health officials, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and CT Office of Early Childhood (OEC). As a result, Camp Mansfield will look a little different this year but we are pleased to offer children an opportunity to spend time outdoors and engage in a healthy social, recreational, and educational experience!   As we continue to adjust our schedules, camps, and program flow to support the new rules and guidelines, we are happy to announce a modified version of our traditional camp experience for children Grades 1 -8 starting Monday, June 29

In an effort to ensure the safest environment for our children and staff, and to meet mandates passed down by the OEC, there will be several changes to the camp experience. Please see our “Staying Safe at Camp: What to Expect” Handout and a summary of the camp changes as well as basic care information to be implemented below:

Changes to the Program
  • Adventurers (grades 7&8). No field trips or overnights for adventurers due to protocols. Should this change over the summer, we will let you know. Adventurers will participate in regular camp activities and some extended hikes on grounds and neighboring town parks within walking distance. The fee will be adjusted to be the same rate as the Explorers campers (209.00 per session for residents, 219.00 for non-residents)
  • Counselor-In-Training program is canceled
  • Camp Care (before and after camp care) is canceled
  • Session 1 is canceled (June 24-June 26)
  • A minimum of 34 campers must be enrolled each session to hold a camp session. 

Specialty Camps
  • All half day options for specialty camps are canceled
  • Please check HERE for a full list of canceled and/or modified specialty camps
  • Some of the same health and safety changes will be implemented at our specialty camps also. Please visit for continued updates.

Camper Sign-in & Sign-Out
  • Two step process – all mandatory health screening will be conducted in vehicle, then the camper guardian will park in designated parking area, and walk the camper to their specified group area to be signed in
  • Only staff, members, registered participants and guardians (if deemed necessary by staff) will be permitted into the camp facility
  • Campers will not come in contact with other groups at sign-in/sign-out, or during the day

Camp Registrations
  • There will not be a mini-session camp June 24-26
  • The first one week camp session will run June 29-July 3 and conclude with session 7 the week of August 10-14
  • All campers must be preregistered and have completed registration and health forms on file
  • No walk up registrations will be permitted. No rolling registrations during the camp season will be permitted. Registrations for each session must be completed by the Wednesday in advance of the next session
  • Unfortunately Camp Care (before and after camp extended care) cannot be offered this year. Camp hours are 9:00am-3:00pm

Capacity Limitations
  • Camp groups will be limited to no more than 10 campers. When indoors, groups/pods of 10 will be assigned their own room space.

Health Screenings
  • Before being permitted into the camp area for the day, all staff and children will be screened using a touchless thermometer for any observable illness and to confirm a temperature below 100.4 Fahrenheit prior to entry every day as well as completing a quick and easy verbal questionnaire
  • A Camp Nurse will be employed during all camp hours
  • Camp screening stations will open in advance of the start of camp to provide enough time for campers to arrive.

Physical/Social Distancing
  • Staff and campers will be required to maintain physical/social distancing within their group/pod of 10 as much as feasible. Each group/pod of 10 will be considered as one but social distancing will be encouraged as feasible. Campers will not be able to be in less than 14’ of contact with other pods
  • Wearing of a face mask will be required for all camp staff and recommended for campers
  • Campers will only be permitted to come in contact with other campers in their group/pod of 10 campers and their counselor and/or specialist

Intensified Cleaning & Disinfecting
  • Intensified and frequent cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and shared spaces (restrooms) will occur multiple times per day and between each use for shared objects.
  • In addition to on-site bathrooms at the school and at the pond, outdoor portable hand sanitizing stations and/or soap and water will be readily available to campers and staff. All camper hand sanitizing and hand washing will be encouraged and supervised
  • Camp staff will carry a supply of hand sanitizer in their waist pack for easy access and use for campers and self during the day

  • In addition to our traditional orientation and training, all camp staff will be required to attend a training specific to COVID-19 health and safety regulations mandated by local, state and national health agencies before working at camp.
  • Staff patterns will minimize the movement of staff among groups
Camp Activities
  • Archery
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Canoeing & Kayaking
  • Sports & Games
  • Nature & Science Experiments
  • Free swim & Swim Education Program
  • Campers will also participate in camp songs and creative games!
Additional Information
  • Detailed information regarding drop off/pickups, camp activities, and health and safety will be made available in a revised parent handbook made available after June 15
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With reduced group sizes, we are anticipating a reduced capacity at our camps and would like to invite you to sign up as soon as you feel ready, and to let your friends and extended family know to do the same.

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