March 5, 2021
The Seattle Education Association is the voice for educators and our students, standing united to address the needs of our community during this pandemic and to transform our district into an anti-racist school system where every student thrives.
Stay The Course FAQs
Wednesday, March 3, the SEA Rep Assembly voted overwhelmingly to encourage all SEA members to “stay the course” and continue with their current job responsibilities as outlined in the current MOU until our Bargaining Team successfully negotiates an agreement with SPS that addresses working conditions and key health and safety concerns for expanded in-person services.
We all know that SEA members would prefer to be working in-person, and we know that some of you feel ready to work in-person now. Still there are many SEA members for whom the risk of working in-person is very much a life-or-death decision for themselves and their families. We must be united as SEA to provide the critical health and safety protocols that protect ourselves and our students.
This is a time for a collective, unified response. Click HERE to learn more about what Stay the Course means (FAQs).
Show your support for our SEA members on Monday - WEAR RED and let's demonstrate to the District what SEA solidarity looks like.
ACT NOW! Join Us this Weekend
Join us to hear bargaining updates and to show solidarity with the bargaining team. All members are welcome!
Saturday, March 6, 10:30-11:30am. Be part of the Twitter Storm!
Join SEA to demand that Supt. Juneau rescind the essentialized duties order and instead bargain in good faith with educators. Feel free to join late. Encourage your colleagues to attend. Register in advance for this webinar:
Sunday, March 7, 1:00pm. The Disability Justice Coalition is holding a Know Your Accommodation Rights session. During this session, Joy Springer, will review the basics of requesting an accommodation and provide some useful tips and tools. This includes anyone requesting accommodation because of personal illness and/or disability status, caregivers of elders and/or high-risk youth, and those requesting childcare accommodations. The majority of the session will be dedicated to answering questions about the accommodation process and your rights under the ADA. Register in advance for this meeting:
Sunday, March 7, 3:00-4:30pm. Join in solidarity with our colleagues who have recently been deemed “essential” by Superintendent Juneau to ask questions and learn more about Stay the Course. We want to provide an opportunity to bring members together to understand your rights and . Register in advance for this webinar:
Communication to Families and Caregivers
Many of you are receiving questions from parents and caregivers of the students you serve. We recommend you use the following response. In the event you have already responded to a parent, we still recommend that you use the following as an update.
Dear [parent/caregiver],
I am as committed to your student’s education and health and safety as ever. As an educator, and proud member of SEA, we are continuing to advocate for what’s best for all students, including your child.
Educators look forward to reaching a common understanding and agreement on how a return to in-person instruction and services will work. 
This has been a difficult year for everyone in our student community. We will continue to put the health and safety, and education for students, at the forefront of the work. 
To learn more about educator priorities, click HERE.
How to Stay Connected:
The 2019-2022 Contracts are posted on the SEA Website!