Dear St. John’s Parents:

As you have learned through local media, our stay-home orders have been extended, and for this reason, our offices are still closed. Instruction remains completely online, and employees are instructed to stay home. 

While this status gives me comfort, knowing that our students and employees are all safe and well-protected, I also know the heavy burden it places on many of our families. Your support for our teachers as they carry out their curricular plans has been a Godsend indeed. Last week, in faculty meetings and in the Student Council meeting, I was pleased to hear predominantly positive reports about our current school climate. I am also grateful to those of you who share your concerns with teachers and administrators so that we can all work together to create the best possible learning environment for every child. 

I know that “what is possible” will evolve as time passes. I have no doubt, and complete faith, that we will return to a time when school means all of us together on campus, morning rush in the parking lot, kids hurrying to greet their friends.  The other truth is that we cannot, any of us, make that day come sooner—that happy day of completely normal behaviors. As long as there is risk, fear, and worry among our people, we must make caution our guide.

I asked teachers and students if it would be less stressful to set a time, however far in the future, to plan for back to campus. The responses, of course, ranged from “Yes, it would just be good to know” to “No, we should come back as soon as it is allowed, whenever that is”. I have a feeling that same range of answers would come from parents. We will be discussing the limited options we have as a Board during our September meeting, and I will certainly keep you posted on our plans.

I know you have questions about tuition for online learning and that many of you have been seriously impacted in your businesses. I would be callous to ignore those concerns. I struggle mightily to find the balance between protecting the future of St. John’s School and creating a fair and sustainable temporary business model. 

Above all, I thank you for your steadfast support for quality education and for St. John’s School.

Pat Bennett

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