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It's here! It's really here! It's summer! Get out your hats, beach towels, and picnic baskets. This month, we're talking about Trips & Traveling, and we've got a whole month of fun adventures and imaginings to have the kids ready for your holiday plans. 


With all that running around, kids need to stay hydrated, and we've got some info on packing for your day trips. 


We're keeping it short these days, and shorter and shorter, as the sun calls us out. Have a skim of the news below and then... go play outside!


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Keeping Buddings Accounts Active
Sizzle Sizzle Summer Safety
Spotlight: Vancouver Intn't Soccer Festival
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Keeping Buddings Accounts Active


In order to maintain your Buddings account each month, so that it's ready whenever you need it, there is only one thing you have to do: Make your purchase of either hours or a place holder by the 1st of the month. 

You need to do this even if you have hours to roll from the previous month. If no purchase has been made for the 1st, the hours from the previous month will be lost. 
And, a quick note about rolling hours, as well. If you have 4 or more hours left at the end of the month, we will roll them for you to the next month, as long as you have made a purchase. It's a manual process, and we apologize for the delays if you're looking to book your roll over hours early in the day. 
If your hours haven't been moved up by the 2nd, please shoot a gentle prod to Talia.

Sizzle Sizzle, Summer Sun!


It's finally here, and you will never hear complaints about the warm sunny weather from the folks at Buddings. We love the summer heat, and are so glad that summer has arrived. 

Our climate controlled environment is forever cool and comfortable for running round and round, but outside, it's another story. Kids need to drink a lot of water if they're going to stay hydrated! WATER! Cold water, ideally, so it can be absorbed quickly and get straight to cooling.

Juice is not the same thing. The sugars in even 100% pure fruit juice take time to process and they slow the body's ability to absorb the good old H2O. This is even more true for juices with artificial flavouring and sweeteners.  

Take lots of breaks and encourage water drinking even if the kids don't think they're thirsty. If you're outside, playing actively, 5 oz of cold water every 20 minutes is a great idea. Sunscreen doesn't protect kids from heat, and even if you're playing in the shade, kids need to take water breaks. 
Business Spotlight: Vancouver Intn'tl Soccer Festival
VISF Poster
When our little friend Nylah is at Buddings, her dad Adri is the primary organizer of the Vancouver International Soccer Festival, happening this weekend, July 5, 6, and 7, at Andrew Livingstone Park, in Yaletown. 

It's a 3-day soccer extravaganza, with 38 teams from around the world competing! It's a free event going on all weekend, and super cool part: It's the first Certified Fair Trade Sporting Event in Western Canada! Way to go!
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