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6th Annual Opening Doors 
Breakfast Fundraiser

Would you like to join us for breakfast on December 3rd to learn how you can support neighborhood revitalization?   Sign up here by this Friday, November 15th, to reserve a seat. 

Local News

NeighborWorks Lincoln is a proud partner of the North 27th Street Business Association. This month, The Smithsonian asked Thuy Nguyen, owner of the Little Saigon Asian Grocery Store, and  Lourdez Gonzales, owner of Misky Bakery,  to present in Washington D.C. about the obstacles, challenges, and opportunities they faced as immigrant entrepreneurs.  Thuy discussed  what it was like to build a business and how she inspired her children to pursue their own business ventures. 

If you would like to support their businesses, you can grab lunch at Pho Factory, dessert at Misky Bakery, or try creating your own masterpiece this week with ingredients from Little Saigon.

Photos courtesy of UNL Global Studies
Target Circle

Help NWL receive donations from Target by voting in your Target app. Here's how...

Ta rget guests sign up at by downloading the Target app or via phone number as  they check out at their local store. They can earn 1% on every trip and  earn and cast votes for a selection of local non-profits, like NeighborWorks Lincoln. As each voting period wraps, Target awards grants to the nonprofits based on the percentage of votes they received.
How to:
1.Click on the "Welcome to Target Circle" banner at the top of the app to access the circle. If you're not entirely set up, then there will be a box asking you to add your phone number, which is required for voting. 
2.Once you've entered your phone number at the checkout, open your app and select your profile icon.
3.Cast your votes by January 5th!

Questions? Contact Ashley Hahn-May at
Before and After

Our homeownership program provides rehab dollars which are used to ensure the client's new home is safe and livable, setting them up for financial success! We work with local contractors to provide this service. Take a look at a recent project.


NWL Home Buyer Alumni

Have you purchased a home through our home buyer program? Join our NeighborWorks Lincoln Alumni group on Facebook to ask for help, find homeowner tips, and more!