Last month, we talked about how you can become a goal-setting machine. The trick is not to give up; especially not in February! As companies gear up for new projects or find funds to grow their teams after resetting in January, you’ll want to capitalize on 28 more prime hiring days. Read on to learn how to keep up your beginning-of-the-year momentum. 
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Is ageism during the job search real?
Yes. Your age can be a deterrent for companies that are hiring. And the age isn’t as high as you might think. “Mature workers” are considered age forty and above! SHOCKING! 

What you can do to overcome this bias: 
  • Show hiring managers that you are energetic, enthusiastic, and forward thinking 
  • Let employers know that you are comfortable with change and willing to learn new things 
  • Fill your resume using the latest terminology; convert old tactics to new 
  • Keep your resume and online social media account(s) active, up to date, and relevant 
  • Tell stories that use current terminology; show your understanding of latest industry trends 
  • Show that you can be an asset as a subject matter expert in the field 
  • Invest in yourself; take classes online to increase your skills and technology knowledge 

Did you know 31% of all workers worldwide are projected to be remote (a mix of hybrid and fully remote) in 2022?
According to Gartner, here is the breakdown: 
U.S.: 53% 
U.K.: 52% 
Germany: 37% 
France: 33% 
India: 30% 
China: 28% 
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EBM came to the Ignite Career Center after losing a long-term position due to COVID. Eager to begin a new job, EBM did all the right things — applied to new jobs online, networked with contacts, and worked on resume and interviewing skills. Sometimes, EBM struggled with the lack of response from hiring managers. That’s when having a career coach helped EBM stay motivated throughout the job search and finally hear that “yes!” 

What did you most enjoy about working with Ignite?  
The constant contact and expertise of my career counselor. 

What have you been able to achieve as a result of working with Ignite?  
Help with my resume and presenting myself in the first virtual interview.

Why would you recommend working with Ignite to others? 
The knowledge my counselor had and her helpful attitude made it so much easier to find a job.   
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