Time Management Reminders
Sometimes students need an extra reminder to plan ahead as projects pile up in the final weeks of the semester. Help students stay on task and better manage time by sharing:

New Book Club Selection
The CTE sponsors a book club discussion on a teaching and learning related title at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester. Register early to receive a free copy of the book and reserve your spot.
end of average book cover decorative
Wednesday, January 12th 3PM (Zoom)
Are you above average? Is your child an A student? Is your employee an introvert or an extrovert? Every day we are measured against the "average person," judged according to how closely we resemble the average--or how far we exceed it. The assumption that average-based yardsticks like academic GPAs, personality tests, and annual performance reviews reveal something meaningful about our ability is so ingrained in our consciousness that we never question it. But this assumption, argues Harvard scientist Todd Rose, is spectacularly wrong.
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Upcoming Workshops´╗┐
Friday November 19, 10-11:30AM
Online via Zoom

As instructors we want to ensure that our students leave our classes having learned something. However, how well do we measure what was actually learned? We want our students to be able to do things like think critically or solve problems, but how do we assess that? Our accrediting bodies demand evidence that our students are meeting particular outcomes, but how do we really know if they are doing so? In this workshop we will learn about tools called taxonomies of learning that allow us to formulate questions and measure outcomes across a variety of domains. We will use multiple taxonomies of learning to create questions and think deeply about what we want our students to learn and how we can make sure that they are learning. Finally we will use taxonomies of learning to think beyond a single course and map outcomes for entire curricula.

Thursday November 18, 10AM - 12PM
On Ground, Disability Services Office, 3rd Floor Culp

Join us for an interactive experience with Disability Services director Mary Little and CTE staff Phil Smith. We will meet in Disability Services (3rd floor of the Culp) for a tour of the new facility and resources available to faculty and students. You will gain an understanding of many of the specific disabilities, the process for receiving accommodations and the application of accommodations often required. Attention will be given to faculty/student/institution responsibility for accommodation and best practices for working with students with disabilities. Then we will explore how to apply some principles of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework to course design and daily interactions and invite participants to consider multiple ways to design outcomes, learning activities, and assessments that are accessible and engaging for all students.