Volume 27 | March 29, 2020
Upper School News
Hello Upper School Families,

I hope you are all holding up well during this very difficult time. The announcement of no in-person classes through the remainder of the school year was perhaps expected, but still came as a hard blow to me. Then again, we are still here, if remotely! One thing that makes Roycemore so special is the relationships that students develop with their teachers. Our faculty is so committed and always ready to help students beyond class time, even now! Students, if you have not done so already, please take advantage of office hours offered by your teachers if you need extra help, or even just to shoot the breeze: https://sites.google.com/roycemoreschool.org/roycemore-remote-learning/students/office-hours ! They miss your faces as much as I do. Please stay safe and healthy and know I am here if you need to reach out.

Admissions Morning - Tuesday
Our first ever Virtual Admissions Morning is coming up! Please tell any friends and neighbors interested in finding out more about the Roycemore experience and what makes our school unique.

Virtual Admissions Morning
Tuesday, April 21st
Registration Required

FAN Events - Upcoming
Roycemore is a proud sponsor of FAN,  Family Action Network . All of their in-person events have been cancelled, but they still are offering amazing presentations by industry professionals on a number of topics including:

  • Parenting in the Age of Inequality
  • Navigating the New Masculinity
  • Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety
  • How Economics Explains The Way We Raise Our Children


Course Planning
Course planning for next year continues. Parents of current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, I encourage you to have a dialogue with your students at home as students think about the classes they want and need for next year. Each student should have a sheet for you to sign. Please check with your student's Advisor if they do not have this sheet.

Upper School Homeroom - Thursdays at 11am
Have an announcement to share with us? Calling all Upper School students to join us all on Thursdays for Homeroom . Link is part of your clickable schedule.

Scholarship Fundraiser: A Live Stream Experience
Auction items will be live starting next week. Volunteers are still needed, especially those with live streaming experience. Please email  Sara McGuire  if you would like to join the fun!

Videos for Scholarship Fundraiser
Feeling inspired? Make a flipgrid video about your favorite teacher that can be used for the auction!  https://flipgrid.com/scholarshiproycemore

New "Roycemore Family" Page Launched
Our new Chief Griffinity Officer, Early Childhood staff member  Justin Bailey , launched a new webpage! This is another way for students and families to stay connected and continue to share our school spirit. Share your shelter in place experiences with us: https://roycemoreschool.org/family/

Website for Remote Learning:

Coronavirus Response Page:

Please see below for important reminders:)

Yours Truly,
Stefanie Rivera
Upper School Division Head
Some images of amazing community service!

If you have any questions or problems with your re-enrollment packet, please be sure to reach out to  Tanise Robnett (trobnett@roycemoreschool.org).

Roycemore's Literary Magazine
Bursting with ideas? Submit your writing or artwork now to our first ever Lit. Magazine! Details on the yellow flyer above.

If you know your student will be absent on an upcoming day due to a medical appointment, college visit or other needed reason, please be sure to email: attendance@roycemoreschool.org. Students who will miss school should also take a form to their teachers for signatures and to get information on any classes they will miss. Forms are available in the Upper School office.