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headsUP: Stay tuned, prevent blowout trips of 7FAs


Lean BlowoutAn informal telephone survey by the editors of CCJ ONsite seems to indicate that more operators of GE 7FAs with DLN2.6 combustion systems may have experienced blowout trips than not. Such intermittent trips are virtually instantaneous and typically referred to by the acronym LBO (for lean blowout). Survey respondents suggested that blowout trips are common for at least some DLN2.6 combustors not equipped with an appropriate advance-warning system-such as a combustion dynamics monitoring system (CDMS). Negatives of LBO include accelerated degradation of parts and the obvious loss in kilowatt-hour production. more

7FA TIL Interpretation and Field Updates


R1 Tip Crack

Webinar focuses on most pressing issues for owner/operators of GE 7FA gas turbines.
Rod Shidler of Advanced Turbine Support, Inc. (ATSI) will bring you up to speed on what his team of turbine inspection experts are seeing in the field. Topics include: 
TIL 1509: GE F-class S0, R1 Penetrant Inspection

TIL 1638: GE F-class R0, R1 Ultrasonic Inspection for Dovetails
TIL 1795: GE A10/D11 40-in Ti L-0 Dovetail Cracking Inspection more


What plant personnel should know about cooling towers to maximize performance

Cooling Tower 

Listen to David Brumbaugh on your computer screen while eating lunch and pick up some pointers on how to be more effective in monitoring cooling towers on rounds and how to conduct the proper offline inspections to maintain top performance. Brumbaugh, founder and president of DRB Industries, Broken Arrow, Okla, is a frequent speaker at user group meetings where he shares his knowledge on gas-turbine air inlet systems and cooling towers-much of it honed on plant visits. more

7FA Users Group announces plans for 2012 meeting


The 7FA Users Group 2012 Conference and Vendor Fair will be held May 14-18 at the Westin La Cantera, San Antonio, Tex. The steering committee for the upcoming meeting is chaired by Ben Meissner of Progress Energy; vice chairman is Sam Graham, maintenance manager of Tenaska Virginia Generating Station. Agenda highlights for user attendees are the following. more


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