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If you have a time machine handy, spin it back to 2015.
Now take a look outside. OK. Good: It’s a bright, clear day. You’re in Point Defiance Park just outside the Lodge*. There’s Ebenezer Roberts, Tacoma’s first park superintendent. He’s telling a visitor that he doesn’t like “Keep off the grass” signs; he says signs like that that are abominations he wants nowhere near his beloved ...
No, wait – you’ve gone too far. You’re in 1905. Dial it up to 2015.
2015. The first full year after voters approved the 2014 capital improvement bond.
You’re still in Point Defiance Park, but now you see people walking the grounds, eyeing the “Triangle” across from the ferry lanes and the slag peninsula beyond. They’re reviewing plans to move soil from the Triangle that was contaminated during the ASARCO copper smelter’s operation onto the peninsula, cap it, and turn the peninsula into an 11-acre recreation space. Elsewhere in the district, other projects are in idea or full-on planning stages. Here are just a few:
In modern news:
  • Metro Parks has begun construction on a new community garden at Charlotte's Blueberry Park, 7402 E. D St. The garden will be in the park’s northeast corner, adjacent to East D Street. When ready for cultivation, the Pierce Conservation District has agreed to oversee it, as it does for seven other community gardens in our parks. Plans at Charlotte’s Blueberry Park call for more than 600 square feet of in-ground planting beds, several above-ground planter boxes, gates, fencing, and an asphalt trail to connect with an existing pedestrian trail. 

  • At Browns Point Lighthouse Park, Metro Parks has started work on a new paved parking lot and promenade built to Americans with Disabilities Act standards. New landscaping, picnic tables and benches are included.
  • Metro Parks also is teeing up a public meeting in mid-July to help update Swan Creek Park’s master plan, with attention this time on the “Lister Uplands.” If you use the park or think you might – it’s been called Tacoma’s next Point Defiance Park -- then the park district needs to hear from you. Stay tuned.
Michael Thompson is
public information manager
of Metro Parks Tacoma. Contact
him at (253) 305-1092 or
Park Board Notes
 Metro Parks Tacoma aims to link people, parks
A message from Park Board Commissioner Aaron Pointer
What’s the easiest, least expensive way to get a little exercise?

Just open the door and take a walk. Leash your pooch; bring a companion. Better yet, yank your bicycle out of storage and hop on. Or, if you’re more adventurous, strap on a pair of roller blades and take off.

Metro Parks Tacoma has teamed up with the City of Tacoma to create more off-street, paved trails safely connecting neighborhoods, parks and schools.
Aaron Pointer is the clerk of the Metro Parks Tacoma Board of Commissioners.
Capital Improvement Projects
Capital Improvement Projects
News Around the District
Pacific Seas Aquarium to open Sept. 7 at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Imagine feeling immersed in ocean waters while hammerhead sharks and eagle rays glide overhead.
This is Baja Bay, the 280,000-gallon showpiece of the new 35,000-square-foot Pacific Seas Aquarium at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.
Come and see Superstar Penguin Dads - and get a bargain
Take two superstar dads. Add in four (yes, four!) adorable Magellanic penguin chicks. Then think about an entire day of family fun, animal-watching and learning more about wildlife and wild places.
Tacoma Nature Center nurtures future environmental stewards
Drivers passing through the intersection of busy south 19th and Tyler streets near Cheney Stadium can be forgiven if they overlook Tacoma Nature Center on the southeast corner.
Historic Spotlight
Manitou Park
Metro Parks Tacoma purchased 10 acres for $2,500 in 1915 in what was the extreme southwestern corner of the city. Manitou Park was considered to be one of the best tourist camps along Pacific Hwy and at fifty cents a day it was self-supporting.

Records show that 3,079 people traveling in 901 autos stayed at Manitou Park in 1920. By 1923 that number had increased to 11,000 people traveling in 3,086 autos.
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