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Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 9:50am
Sunday morning worship service with communion.
Two Special Sundays for TLC
Rob Reid
Director of Music
Reformation/Confirmation Sunday followed by All Saints: Welcoming new Confirmands this week. Then on Sunday, November 1, honoring those who have gone to heaven. Both are important and meaningful weeks in the life of our church that you will not want to miss.
October 25, Reformation Sunday, will be a day to Celebrate! “Come Early for Best Seating!” because this Sunday’s Live Stream will start with a wonderful Prelude BEFORE the 10:00am service, so be sure to start watching at 9:50am to hear 2019 recordings of the TLC Handbells and the TLC Brass Choir. And to help celebrate this day that we honor Martin Luther and the creation of the Lutheran Church, we will also hear some wonderful pieces recorded earlier this week. This Sunday is also the day we hear from our 2020 Confirmation Class during our 10:00am Live Stream Service, and welcome them with the Rite of Confirmation at 1:00pm outdoors on the north lawn. Plus, it's the day we hear a farewell sermon from our Intern Pastor Grace Pardun Alworth, and celebrate her ministry to us at 11:30am outdoors at TLC on the north lawn (weather permitting - read further in the newsletter for special information).
November 1st is All Saints Sunday. In addition to the Naming of the Saints who have gone before us during 2020, we will also hear the beautiful "Requiem" by John Rutter that was presented by the Chancel Choir and a Guest Orchestra in November 2019. 
Praying many blessings on these two upcoming Sundays and hoping they bring you Joy, Peace and Comfort.
Yours, in Christ,
Saying Farewell to Pastor Grace
In case of bad weather, the event will take place on Zoom. Watch the Sunday morning service for live, updated information.
This Sunday (Oct 25) is the last day we see Pastor Grace at the pulpit. We have planned an outdoor celebration of her time and internship at TLC at 11:30am on the north lawn of TLC (next to the west parking lot). Please bring your own chairs and refreshments. Masks and social distancing required.

Also, to honor her, a “Pastor Grace’s Book Fund” is being set up to assist her in purchasing books for her pastoral library. Cards and checks may be sent to the church office at: TLC, 11000 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 55431. Please make checks payable to TLC, noting Pastor Grace in the memo line.

There will be a live announcement during Sunday's Worship Service.
It will indicate that Pastor Grace's farewell will take place on Zoom as follows:
Type this link in your browser to download and use Zoom for FREE:

Join Meeting ID: 992 161 5891
Passcode: 123
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Pastor Ed & Intern Pastor Grace are leaving.
Now what happens?
By Brad Nolte—
Yes, there is a procedure in temporarily filling the void left by a departing pastor (or two). It's addressed quite specifically in TLC's "CONSTITUTION OF TRANSFIGURATION LUTHERAN CHURCH OF BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA" (June 1, 2009 revision), and by the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA. Excerpts from both provided below.

TLC Weekly reached out to our current church council president, Steve Jorschumb, asking for an interpretation of the process involved in obtaining an interim pastor. He replied:

The TLC Church Council is working with the Minneapolis Area Synod to find an interim Co-Pastor. The synod will provide two or three candidates. A number of council members will interview these candidates. An Interim Letter of Agreement will be entered into with the chosen candidate and then the Interim Co-Pastor will be installed. The goal for this process is to have an interim by December 1st or soon thereafter.

Regarding the subject of "interim pastor," page 7 of our church constitution states:
C9.06. At a time of pastoral vacancy, an interim pastor shall be appointed by the bishop of the synod with the consent of this congregation or the Congregation Council.
C9.07. During the period of service, an interim pastor shall have the rights and duties in the congregation of a regularly called pastor and may delegate the same in part to a supply pastor with the consent of the bishop of the synod and this congregation or Congregation Council. The interim pastor and any ordained pastor providing assistance shall refrain from exerting influence in the selection of a pastor.
C9.08. This congregation shall make satisfactory settlement of all financial obligations to a former pastor before calling a successor. A pastor shall make satisfactory settlement of all financial obligations to this congregation before beginning service in a call to another congregation or employment in another ministry setting related to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
C9.09. When a pastor is called to serve in company with another pastor or pastors, the privileges and responsibilities of each pastor shall be specified in documents to accompany the call and to be drafted in consultation involving the pastors, the Congregation Council, and the bishop of the synod. As occasion requires, the documents may be revised through a similar consultation.

The Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA states:
The synod has an excellent community of pastors specifically prepared to work in congregations during times of transition. Many have had years of experience in this ministry and meet each month for prayer, education, and support.

As soon as a congregation knows it will need an interim pastor, the council president calls the synod office and asks for Karen Ohm. After conversation and discernment, the synod office will suggest names (usually two or three) of interim pastors it believes could serve the congregation well. Once the council decides to call an interim pastor, it completes this form in consultation with the interim pastor and sends it to the synod office.

Source links: 

Your 2021 Stewardship pledge card will be arriving soon in your USPS mailbox. Please complete the card and mail back to the church using the enclosed return envelope. Or, if you wish, you can click here to access our online pledge card and complete it right away.
Order your Christmas Wreaths & Popcorn Now
HURRY! Order deadline is this coming Monday, October 26
Boy Scout Troop 446, that meets at TLC, is having their yearly fundraiser to support camping for the troop. We can’t come see you at the church, so this will be virtual in 2020. Please consider purchasing some popcorn or wreaths by looking at the following order sheets:
Submit your order, or any questions to: troop446.fundraising@gmail.com
With your name, address and phone number, we will be taking orders until October 26th, and delivering the week before Thanksgiving
TLC North Lawn
This Sunday, October 25
Confirmation students, through faith talks and worship leadership, will be present in worship during this Sunday's worship service.
In addition, there will be a Rite of Confirmation at 1:00pm at TLC's west parking lot and north lawn (RAIN, SNOW or SHINE). All are invited to attend. Bring your own chairs and refreshments. Masks and social distancing required. There will be live ZOOM coverage of this event; see below.
By Pete Erickson
Interim TLC Youth Minister
TLC Sunday School is LIVE – Pre-K “Songs and Stories” and “1st-4th Grade Sunday School” (9:30-10AM on Sundays)
Stop me if you’ve heard this before, BUT, this fall will look a little different for TLC Sunday School. We are debuting “Songs & Stories” (Pre-K) and 1st-4th Grade Sunday School on Zoom this month. “Songs and Stories” will meet on Zoom 1st and 3rd Sundays and “1st-4th Grade Sunday School” will meet on 2nd and 4th Sundays. A Zoom link and potential activity materials list will be sent to families each week for their age group. Here is what the time on Sunday mornings will look like:
  • Inviting God Ritual
  • Scripture Reading
  • Story (Pre-K) or Experiential Activity (1st-4th)
  • Song(s)
  • Active Prayer Ritual
  • Sending Song/Ritual
If you have questions about Sunday School or would like to help provide leadership one time a month, please contact Pete (perickson@tlcmn.com).
TLC Rite of Confirmation Service – This Sunday, October 25 at 1PM outdoors at TLC
The TLC community is invited to come and support our 10th grade confirmands this weekend as they celebrate the Rite of Confirmation, October 25th at 1PM. The Rite of Confirmation will take place outdoors on the church lawn rain, snow or shine.
All are welcome. Masks and social distancing required. Hope to see you there.
Confirmation Bonfire – Wednesday, October 28th at 7PM
Just a reminder for all confirmation students, Peer Ministers and leaders that we will be having a confirmation bonfire this coming Wednesday in the church parking lot. Bundle up and bring your own lawn chair. Church will provide S'mores packs and pumpkin carving materials. In case of rain, look for an email from Pete.
FREE Meals for ALL of the
Bloomington Community
We're now offering grab and go meals for adults in our community through Dec. 30, thanks to a grant! All adults are welcome, whether or not they have school-age children. Meals can be picked up from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Monday - Friday at Kennedy High School, Door 5.
A Friend We'll
Always Remember
Anyone who has a good friend; one you can always rely on or tell something to and know it won't go any further; or maybe have a lot in common with, is very lucky. Next Sunday will be exactly one month since our dear friend, Caryl Minnetti, left us. Her transplanted liver had done its job well for years, but gradually failed this past year. She had been going back to the Mayo Clinic each year to see how she was doing, and would come back as their “star patient.”
Caryl & Sparky
Caryl hosted the KFAI-FM radio show, "Bonjour, Minnesota."
Caryl and I got acquainted quickly when she joined choir and we sat next to each other—two altos whose voices would blend well. She lived over on Oxborough Lane, close to church, and her house was like ours, only the opposite layout. Her little dog, Sparky, was a rather noisy companion, and trying to talk on the phone with Caryl was not easy. Sparky didn't want to share Caryl with anyone.

She told me about her French language radio show on KFAI: “Bonjour MN.” Each Tuesday evening I'd tune-in on my old boom box with its moveable antenna. They'd play songs I'd been working on in my voice lessons, so I'd sit there and have my songbook open---It made her happy to help me, and she was an excellent French teacher with 30 year's experience. We even sat at my piano and sang together... fun to learn like that!
Twice she took me to KFAI when they were having their pledge drive. I sat in the sound booth with a couple other gals and we'd wait for the phone to ring with a pledge. When the pledges were slow to come, they would lie just a bit and say they'd received a sizeable donation----just to get others to do the same. Since she's not been on the show for a long time, my faithful listening has stopped.

One special guest on that show needs further mention. A former Parisian lady who moved to our country as a young woman,and became Caryl's friend as a teacher, was so good at telling about the various French or Parisian historical facts. She was in Paris during the liberation and would tell about the American soldiers, how good looking they were, etc.. I really longed to meet her and Caryl introduced us once at Alliance Francais's art show. The three of us discovered we all were born in December, and since then, she has become a good friend too. I would love to tell more about her, as she lived through the Holocaust and there is a lot to learn.

I will ask her if I can tell her story sometime as part of my Weekly articles.

On another subject..... Don't anyone get careless with the masks, the distancing and the hand washing. That virus is about to make even Minnesota have much higher counts than we'd thought. I know you are also tired of hearing about COVID-19! That's when people get careless, say “What the heck” and give up doing the smart things we are supposed to keep doing. Hang in there people... colder weather means more people indoors spreading the virus to others.

-Bloomington Bird Lady
Faith Partners Team Training – Participants Wanted! 
By Beth Rahn—
TLC’s Addiction Awareness team is participating in an online training course with Drew Brooks of Faith Partners and we are inviting you to join us! A group from TLC first participated in the Faith Partners training 18 years ago, which provided the foundation and tools necessary to offer resources and support to those suffering from addiction, along with their families who oftentimes feel helpless. 
Online Training with Drew Brooks
Addiction can take on many forms: drinking, gambling, food, consumerism, electronics/social media, drugs… the list is endless. Through this Team Training, we will become better equipped to offer help and hope through prevention, education, early intervention, referral assistance, and recovery support, as well as providing support and resources to family members and friends. The training will take place during five sessions in November, via Zoom. Won’t you consider joining us in this life-saving, life-giving ministry? We’d love to have you! Please contact Beth Rahn for more information or to get signed up, brahnfamily@comcast.net or 952-393-9817.
-a continuing series-
By Pastor Al Dungan
Half Year
The Book of Proverbs in the Hebrew Bible (our Old Testament) has many good words of guidance.

Part of the purpose of THE CHURCH’S HALF YEAR is to hear those words, apply them to our lives and then share them with the rest of the world.

Reading Proverbs, I discovered many words that encourage us to live Godly lives such as “whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. Never tell your neighbor to wait until tomorrow if you can help him now”. (Prov. 3:27-28)

I also came across some words of warning that we might want to pay attention to as we struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic and the contentious campaigning that we are experiencing:

Proverbs 6:16-19

There are seven things that the Lord hates and cannot tolerate:

  1. An arrogant look,
  2. A lying tongue,
  3. Hands that kill innocent people,
  4. A mind that thinks up evil plans,
  5. Feet that hurry off to do evil,
  6. A witness who tells one lie after another,
  7. And a man who stirs up trouble among friends.

How, as we have lived in the recent past, have we taken this to heart as we have looked at what is happening in our country and in our world?

Proverbs tells us quite plainly what God loves and what God hates.

What have we done to contend with the barrage of lies that we have experienced in the past 4 years and which seem to be increasing as the campaign reaches its climax? How have we, by speaking the truth in love, helped those who have fallen victim to those lies, recognize what has been done to them? Many innocent lives have been lost due to no significant guidance as we have experienced the pandemic. Witnesses tell lie after lie when they are charged with wrongdoing.

Where is it all going to end?

It can and will end when we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ do what is God-pleasing and stand up to all the wrongs that are being done, to all the bullying and to all the evil planning that has taken place and, in fact, is taking place right now.

If we try to continue with “business as usual” we will not be the Church. If we stay silent in these trying times, we are saying that we agree with what is happening and that would be a great mistake on our part.

We have a choice as the Church: do good or allow evil to prosper.

Let’s be the Church in THE CHURCH’S HALF YEAR.
Save the date!
VEAP's annual Gala is going virtual on November 13, 2020

Due to the pandemic, VEAP has made the decision to move our biggest yearly fundraising event completely online. Will you join us for a fun virtual evening featuring one-of-a-kind auction items, live entertainment and much more? Everyone is invited to tune into this free streaming event, which will include diverse opportunities to financially support our mission of ending hunger and homelessness in our community.
The evening's events will kick off at 7 p.m. on Friday, November 13 with Emmy-award winning emcee and entertainer, Jearlyn Steele, who will lead our audience through an action-packed 30 minutes. You'll experience live music, a special video featuring volunteer and participant voices, and interactive ways to engage with VEAP. Please early bird register today. We'll "see" you then!
How's Your Mental Health?
Mental Health 175px
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices.

On top of all life's stressors, especially during this long pandemic, sometimes we let our mental health suffer. It's incredibly hard when you're already maxed out to add yet another thing to your list, like counseling or therapy! However, your mental health is something to prioritize, especially during stressful times.
Mental Health Connect is a resource that helps get you connected to mental health providers. Reach out to them by clicking here and they will accompany you on your mental health journey.
Philip Nushann, who attended Luther Seminary in Minnesota, founded Center for Changing Lives - Liberia (CCLL) when he returned to Liberia in November 2016. Transfiguration is the primary community support for CCLL, leading a partnership of Minnesota Churches supporting Philip’s vision. CCLL was inspired by Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota to bring Health Services, Education, Housing, Counseling, Empowerment, Resource Building, Hope and Love to the children and families of West Africa.
On Thursday, October 8, the annual CCLL fundraiser was "virtually" held via Zoom.

You'll need this passcode: CHk5x8g#
Who will you remember during NLC's All Saints virtual program?

Tune in NLC's All Saints Virtual Program offering music of remembrance, perseverance and hope for all who have experienced loss in this difficult year. 
With the very breath of so many being silenced by illness and injustice, NLC commissioned artist in residence Paul Rudoi to compose a new setting of the hymn text “Breathe on me, Breath of God.” This work--and the undying yearning to be comforted and changed by the breath of God--forms a through-line for the program. 
A core component of the program resides in a set of powerful African American spirituals by composer Moses Hogan and arrangers Marques Garrett and William Dawson. These works have much to teach us about God’s love through hardship and loss. Music by John Tavener and Heinrich Schütz round out this newly curated, virtual program that will feature new performances by NLC singers in physically-distanced settings.

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Other committees, groups and ministries, we want to hear from you! Share your stories with the TLC community.

Are you meeting?
How have you adapted your meetings to keep everyone safe?
What projects are you working on?
Send a story and some photos to tlcmedia@tlcmn.com and we will share your news in the TLC Weekly. Be sure to provide names of people in your photos.
TLC is closed to all visitors unless by appointment. It's important that we maintain this rule during the pandemic crisis. Spontaneous visitors, regardless of well-meaning intentions, may cause complications in the church environment or compromise the health of church staff or ELC staff and children, and, vice-versa. Any questions or concerns, please contact the TLC office at 952-884-2364 or:
Please Visit TLC's Memorial Garden
Since 2012, loved ones who had their funeral or memorial service at TLC now have a place and a webpage on our TLC Memorial Garden website. Please visit these saints, honor and remember them; read their obituary, the bulletin and homily, watch the live-stream archive of their service, browse their personal photo album, and, if so inclined, leave a personal message on their page.
Visit soon: www.tlcmemorial.com
Do you ever need an extra prayer for yourself, a loved one, or a dear friend? TLC has a prayer team that prays often for members, their families and friends of the congregation. Send your prayer requests to merickson@tlcmn.com or on the TLC website here. Your prayer needs are sent on to the Prayer Team and kept confidential – just between you, the pray-ers, and God. If you would like to be a member of the prayer team, please sign up on the yellow Life@TLC bulletin insert.
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