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NEWSLETTER | Winter 2024


Our drivers fill propane tanks to 80% capacity to allow room for expansion due to outside temperature.


Prepare for power outages by arming yourself with the knowledge of how much propane you could potentially need. For example, a 14KW generator uses 3.07 gallons per hour when it is running at full capacity.



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Heating system Q&A

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How does Bob's Cash Fuel work internally to best meet the needs of our customers? We focus on our team! As a small, family owned business, we are able to spend time with one another and become closer as a company. Last quarter, in addition to our holiday party, our staff took a trip to a Maine Mariners hockey game. Time spent together outside the job translates into a cohesive team, ready to best serve you, the customer.


Seams Sew Perfect in Madison Maine is your go-to quilt shop for all your quilting needs. Especially this time of year, when you are all bundled up inside! We are pleased to be their fuel provider.


It is our goal every day to service our customers to the best of our ability. Our delivery drivers encounter some rough situations. Some of these situations make for very long days and possible dangerous and unsafe scenarios. Here are some tips to help us help you!

• Please keep your driveway plowed and sanded

Please keep a path clear to your fill pipe or tank.

Plan ahead for inclement weather to make sure you have enough fuel in case the weather prevents us from getting to you.

• Please realize that our fuel trucks may not be able to safely travel on the same roads and driveways that normal size vehicles can.

Before snowstorms, please make sure all trip hazards are cleared. Our drivers and service technicians cannot see what is under the snow. 

Know when to place a delivery by making sure your oil tank is at 1/4 or your propane tank is at 30%. This will give us time to prepare your delivery for the next time we are in your area. 

SAFETY FIRST: Your safety and the safety of our employees, comes first! We often need to perform propane leak checks, do tank evaluations and put emergency contacts on your account. Thank you for working with us to keep everyone safe.



Don't call us chicken, we're not scared of the snow!


What do I do if I need a new heating system?


We have a service team that can help you! If you are worried about financing, worry not. Bobs offers a financing option through NEIF. NEIF offers financing for service and installations of most heating systems. Check out their website for more information https://www.bobscashfuel.com/financing/

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