Sledding Spots in our Area!
Take Advantage of our Most Recent Winter Storm by Visiting these Local Sledding Spots!

Snow is a sight to behold and gives us the opportunity to do activities that aren't always available. One of the activities that is most fun for kids and families is sledding and what better time than right now with all of our fresh snow! Take the kids to a local spot or take the family on a little trip to one of the Philadelphia area sledding locations in the links below!

Don't forget to review the Sledding Safety Tips as well! We want you to have a bunch of fun, while also staying safe.

If sledding isn't your thing, please remember that there are lots of other activities that you and the family can do in the snow. You can make a snowman, snow angels, have snowball fights and of course, have a nice glass of hot chocolate when you return inside!

Please remember that sledding can be dangerous, so please do so safely and at your own risk.