National Play Outside Day!
Don't Miss Out on Outdoor Fun!

Beginning on April 2nd 2011, the last ten years have been filled with National Play Outside days, and we are certainly better for it! Everyone is aware of how much more people played outside in the past, prior to the technological advances we've made in the last 30 years, so now many parents feel like they're pulling teeth when trying to get their kids outside. Now we all have the perfect excuse to get the whole family outside on the first Saturday of every month in National Play Outside Day!

If you're having trouble choosing something to do, take a look at some recomendatons below!
For Children:

  • Play organized sports with other kids! Many children are out in the parks playing baseball, softball and soccer with others, which is a great way to play.
  • Bring your toys outside! If your child likes action figures or dolls, have them go on an outdoor adventure!
  • For the older children, have an outdoor get-together with their friends at a local park/trail as they'll have a ton to do!
For Families:

  • Plan a family picnic. This will get everyone outside and create a bonding moment within the family.
  • Go for a family walk around the neighborhood, at a local park or on a local trail. It's a great opportunity to get some exercise and explore nature.
  • Get together with another family to do activities that includes both families! Have a barbecue or competition!