Celebrating 4th of July Safely
Celebrate the Holiday Safely!

Celebrating holidays is generally very traditional, as families go see fireworks, light sparklers, go swimming, have a party or take a yearly trip to the shore or mountains! These are all great ways to celebrate and all are enjoyable in their own way. There are some things to think about in regards to staying safe while celebrating, which you can find below!
Fireworks and Sparkler Safety

*The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a fireworks show held by professionals and staying nearly two football fields away from the show. Conshohocken is holding their fireworks display 7/3/21 at 9:30pm!

If you have PA approved fireworks and plan on setting them off at your get-together, see the following safety tips:

  • Follow the instructions on the packaging
  • Don't give fireworks to small children
  • Light one firework at a time
  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry place where they aren't at risk of accidental lighting.
  • Only use fireworks and sparklers outside.
  • Keep sparklers an arms length away and avoid loose fitting clothing.
  • For children under 12, close adult supervision is needed.
Water Safety

If you are planning on going swimming, boating, or fishing, take some of the precautions outline below to ensure the safety of all involved.

  • Ensure everyone has learned to swim or is wearing a life jacket.
  • Be attentive to children who are in or around the water.
  • Always swim in lifeguarded areas.
  • If boating, never consume alcohol while driving.
  • Have a first aid kit handy if at your pool, boating or fishing as accidents are always a possibility.
  • Be aware of ocean currents and how to handle them. Remember if you're caught in one to not panic and to swim parallel to shore until you are out of the rip-current.
Grilling and Picnic Safety

If your family is having a get-together or a picnic, follow the tips below for great cookout with minimal risk!

  • As the chef/grill master, make sure you are sanitary, wash your hands and don't cross contaminate!
  • Check your grill for any leaks, as these could lead to a grill fire or explosion.
  • Keep grills away from items that can catch fire quickly, such as siding, tree branches or large shrubs.
  • Don't leave food out in the hot sun for long times as it will spoil.