Family Health and Fitness Day - June 12th!
Join us in celebrating the myriad of health and well-being resources located right here in Whitemarsh Township! We’ll be celebrating Family Health & Fitness Day — an initiative of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) — by heading to our parks and utilizing the great spaces we have available to us!

Celebrated the second Saturday of June each year, Family Health & Fitness Day promotes the importance of parks and recreation in keeping communities active and healthy. You can participate in the celebration by a variety of family friendly activities, such as walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, golfing, swimming, tennis and more.

Whitemarsh Township Parks and Recreation takes pride in providing health and wellness resources for the community, and we hope you’ll come out and discover the many diverse opportunities we offer to ensure the health and well-being of everyone!

See more about our parks below and take a trip to celebrate the day!
Miles Park

Our biggest and most well-known park, Miles Park provides an abundance of entertainment for families! Families can enjoy the playground, walking path, basketball courts or even little league games! Click below for more information
Cedar Grove Park

Cedar Grove is another fantastic park hidden in Lafayette Hill. Smaller than Miles Park, it hold a lot of charm and beauty, while also having places to play! If you're looking for a nice place to walk, across the street is Wells St. Trail!
Leeland Park

Leeland Park is for all of our Conshohocken residents and has a feature that none of our other parks have in a Bocce Court! Enjoy a nice walk on the walking path and other great facilities as well!
Koontz Park

Koontz Park is our hidden gem! Situated just off of Ridge Pike, the Parks and Recreation department is housed here! Enjoy the playground, walking trails and picnic tables in our "hidden gem"!
If you're interested in our other parks and trails, check out the link below! Most importantly, take the time this Saturday to enjoy them for Family Health and Fitness Day!