Working Out Outside in Winter!
Staying fit in the current climate and restrictions can be difficult. Try going outside!

Winter can be a tough time to exercise outdoors due to the cold and rough terrain from precipitation. However, it's a great place to exercise and remain socially distanced while trying to avoid the virus. Follow the tips below to have a safe workout and keep you warm!


Stay warm by layering clothes - This will help your body regulate your temperature, as you can remove layers while you get heated up. To avoid having your sweat give you chills, try and wear a sweat-wicking base layer and only use cotton as a last resort.

Wear Appropriate Footwear - Winter weather can be tough to navigate and you should be wary of ice at any temperature around freezing. You have options to wear shoe attachments to lower your chance of slipping. It is also recommended that you don't do fast runs/sprints around or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid a risk of slipping on ice.

Protect Your Hands - Frostbite is a concern for any time you're in the cold, but especially when exercising, as blood more readily goes to the exercised muscles. This inherently cools your hands and if you're not careful, can cause frostbite. Wear gloves, take handwarmers with you, but certainly be wary of how your hands and body feels while working out in the cold.

Don't Forget to Drink Water - Even though it's cold outside, you still sweat while working out, so hydration is still extremely necessary. It is inherently more difficult to have accessible water as public fountains are turned off in winter months, so plan ahead!

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