February, 2018
Partner Spotlight
Gary Smith, Unicom Technologies

“The Connectivity Center has provided Unicom with the solution to a security vulnerability to have better control over Data Loss Protection via the USB ports within the financial community. Until the discovery of the physical USB lock solution by The
Connectivity Center, we could only hope and pray the registry changes would effectively control the USB ports. Unfortunately, too many times an auditor would plug a flash drive into a USB port only to find that access was granted. The auditors and examiners that have reviewed the Connectivity Center USB Locks have unanimously agreed this is a solid solution and will eliminate the need for reports and continual testing by the institution. Many thanks to The Connectivity Center for a simple, cost effective solution to what has been a very complex and time-consuming security vulnerability.”
In this issue, we would like to recognize one of our partners in Houston, Texas – Gary Smith. Gary is president of a company called Unicom Technologies. Since 1988, Unicom have been offering IT hardware and software solutions into a variety of environments. In particular, Unicom specializes in solutions that offer comprehensive network security to community banks and credit unions. Gary has been including our Smart Keeper series of physical security products as part of his approach toward data breach prevention.
Our Smart Keeper Series
If you would like to know more about Gary or Unicom, you may visit his company website at www.unicom-tech.com . We would like to thank him for being a pioneer for our Smart Keeper series in a rapidly expanding segment of the market.

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