Dear Presbytery Family,

Helping people discover and express their God-given gifts - which they may not even see in themselves - is a great blessing that we can give one another. The disciples Mary and Martha had very different gifts and skills, and both found ways to serve Christ. We know very little about Andrew – named as Christ’s first follower – except Andrew was the one who brought his brother (Peter) to Jesus (John 1:42). 

We would like your help in bringing out the gifts in others as we all serve within the body of Christ. You can be a spiritual sister and brother by encouraging people you know to deepen their faith and make a difference in the presbytery.
  • Our presbytery Nominations Team is actively inviting people to connect with others and participate in God’s work through opportunities for service in the coming year. The presbytery’s website lists current volunteer openings and a link to the application form. Click here to contact Patti Phillips, Chair of the Nominating Team, to explore new ways to serve with others. We need people with diverse opinions and different life experiences. Most often you won't need to travel; our meetings are currently being held online via Zoom, with times set by the group that will accommodate the schedules of the members.

  • The presbytery has approved a new full-time presbytery leadership position. Click here to see the new Ministry and Mission Coordination position description. The Ministry Information Form (MIF) should be on the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) system within a few days, and an additional announcement will be made at that time. 

  • Our Fall Stated Meeting will be held by Zoom on Tuesday, October 6, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Click here for the recent notice about the meeting, and register using the online registration form

  • We give thanks for our congregations as they continue to find ways to worship and honor God and also promote people’s safety. A "best practice" is to set and communicate expectations for activities and events taking place on and away from our church properties. Many of our congregations are in their own season of nominating leaders who will serve during this time of challenge and change. Our COVID-19 resources page continues to be updated so that we can support all of our churches, ministers and ministries. If you know of a resource that should be added, please email Marigrace Doran at your convenience.
For many people, September 11th triggers vivid memories of planned destruction and loss of life. We also remember first-responders and ordinary people acting with extraordinary bravery and personal sacrifice to help neighbors in need. Do you remember the outpouring of love and solidarity from people around the world following the shock and sorrow of 9/11? People rushed to donate blood and dollars, offering personal prayers and community care. On 9/11 we are reminded of the best and the worst in people and our calling in Christ to overcome every power of evil to hurt or divide. Faith, hope, and love abide. And, the greatest of these is love.

Remember that you can visit our Prayer and Devotions page to request prayers for you, your church family, and your community. That same page provides access to daily lectionary readings.
To God be the glory,

Diane Wilson, Chair of Coordinating Council
Edd Norris, Moderator of the Presbytery
Sandra Hedrick, Stated Clerk
Chris Lieberman, Relationship Coordination Director
On Behalf of the Coordinating Council