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Sunday at 9:00 am in person and Live on Facebook

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Thursday's at 6:00 pm ZOOM Bible Study

Healing services are held at St. Barnabas and

St. Mary's is on a rotating schedule every third Thursday.

The next service will be at St. Barnabas on February 16th.

Rector's Corner

United in Christ

1 Corinthians 1:10-18

In Sunday's epistle, we hear the words of St. Paul to the Corinthians, reminding us of the importance of unity and agreement within the Church. This message is just as relevant today as it was when it was first written.

The letter to the Corinthians was written by the Apostle Paul, likely around 55 AD, to the Christian community in Corinth, a city located in Greece. The community there was diverse, with both Jews and Gentiles, and was marked by social and economic divisions.

In this passage, Paul addresses the issues of division and rivalry within the community. It appears that different groups within the Corinthian church had aligned themselves with different leaders, claiming to belong to "Paul," "Apollos," "Cephas," or "Christ." These leaders were not only human but also representatives of different teaching styles and theological perspectives.

Paul is concerned with this division, as it threatens to undermine the unity and effectiveness of the Corinthian church. He reminds them that they were not baptized in the name of any human leader but in the name of Jesus Christ. He also reminds them that his role as an apostle was not to baptize but to proclaim the gospel, and he emphasizes the importance of the message of the cross, which may be seen as foolishness to some, but is the power of God for those who are being saved.

Imagine a group of people all working together to build a house. Each person is assigned a different task, from laying the foundation to painting the walls. But instead of working together towards a common goal, they begin to argue and bicker, each claiming that their task is the most important and that they should be in charge. The house is left unfinished, and the community is left divided.

In the same way, when we, as members of the Church, begin to argue and claim that we belong to one leader or another, we risk dividing and weakening the Church. We must remember that we are all working towards the same goal, the salvation of all people through the message of the cross.

St. Paul reminds us that Christ has not been divided and that we were not baptized in the name of Paul or Apollos or Cephas but in the name of Christ. We are called to come together in the same mind and purpose, united in our faith in Christ.

The message of the cross may seem foolish to some, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God. Remember this as we strive for unity and agreement within our Church community. May we work together as one body to spread the Good News and bring salvation to all.

The Electing Convention will be held on January 28, 2023, starting at 10 AM at Trinity Cathedral and via Zoom. More information on both the meet and greets and the convention is available.

 NJ Bishop Search Web site.

En trio: Baroque Chamber Music by J. S. Bach and his French Contemporaries

En trio: Baroque Chamber Music by J. S. Bach and his French Contemporaries

2023 season of Cape Classical Artists 

Healing Services

Healing services are held at St. Barnabas and

St. Mary's on a rotating schedule every third Thursday.

The next service will be at St. Barnabas on February 16th.

A Vestry Minute

St. Mary's is interested in hearing from any parishioner who may be interested in running for the positions of Senior Warden, Vestry Member, delegate to Diocesan Convention, or delegate to Atlantic Convocation in 2023. To learn more about these positions, please contact Mo. Allison or a member of the vestry.

A brief overview of the responsibilities of each position is listed below:

Senior Warden: The Senior Warden is the lay leader of the parish. He or she, together with the Rector and Junior Warden, form the Executive Leadership team and should be visible to the parish.

Junior Warden: 1-year term

Vestry Member: There is typically one vestry meeting monthly, on the third Sunday, after the 9 am Eucharist. Vestry members will be expected to take on leadership roles for the various goals and objectives that the Vestry sets. The Vestry members are the financial stewards of the parish, and as such, they need to review the financial reports provided by the Treasurer and ensure the parish's resources are used wisely. 

Delegates to Diocesan Convention: The Diocesan Convention is a day-long meeting where Deputies represent their parishes by voting on amendments to the Diocesan Constitution and Canon Law, Diocesan resolutions, and for delegates to represent the diocese at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church of America. Before the convention, the diocesan staff holds several preview meetings throughout the diocese and online to review the proposed amendments to the canons and proposed resolutions that will be voted on at the convention. 


Delegates to the Atlantic Convocation: The Atlantic Convocation is a single 2-3 hour meeting once a year where the Bishop and diocesan staff share information about diocesan programs and initiatives. Delegates may be asked to vote for Atlantic Convocation officers in the years when elections are held. Delegates may be asked to share information about diocesan programs with our parishioners.

Stewardship Minute

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All Committee Members:

reports are due asap to the church office for the Annual Congregational Meeting on January 29th

Attention all committee members:

Please send in your report for the Annual Report to the church office as soon as possible. Thank you!


From the Stewardship Committee

If you would like to pledge to St. Mary's in 2023, please return your pledge form by mail to the church office, on Sunday in the offering plate, or through our website as soon as possible. Thank you for your commitment to support the mission and ministry of St. Mary's!

Ministry Volunteers Needed

Ushers and Greeters

The ministry of ushering is a crucial part of worship because it is one of the most visible ministries in the church. In Christ, you have received God’s unconditional love, and in Christ, you are called to extend that same unconditional love to others. Although an usher’s love is no stronger than the love found in the whole congregation of the body of Christ, nevertheless, the usher performs a major role in ensuring that people see and experience that love.

The ushers distribute bulletins and greet worshipers, making every attempt to make them feel welcome and at ease. The ushers are also available to answer questions of anyone needing assistance.

Please contact Mo. Allison or Julie if you are interested.

Membership at St. Mary's

Membership at St. Mary's consists of several different groups of "members." Some are Confirmed Communicant Members or who have transferred their membership by Letter of Transfer to St. Mary's. Some are Baptized into St. Mary’s or have requested that their names be entered in the Parish Register. Others are “members” by virtue of the fact that St. Mary’s is their church—the Christian community of which they are a part and where they worship regularly. Still, others are “summer members" or friends of St. Mary's. Many are part of St. Mary’s life, worship at St. Mary’s when in town, and support St. Mary’s financially. Canonically, they are not members in the legal sense, but they are every bit as much members of our parish family as those who are official members.

Please contact the church office if you would like to receive membership forms to be added to our data base.



You may sign up on our website here.

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Forward By Day

The February, March, April issue (large and small) of Forward Day by Day is available in the church narthex. Please help yourself to a copy and take one for a friend.

2023 Flower Chart

Placing flowers on the altar is a wonderful way to remember, honor, or give thanks for a loved one. If you would like to do so, please choose a Sunday on the altar flower chart, print your name and the name of your person. A donation to the church is much appreciated. The chart is on the bulletin board in the parish hall. You may take the flowers after worship.

Happy Birthday to

Ruth Ann Handley on January 22nd, and

Cynthia Schweickhardt on January 28th!

Happy Anniversary to

Zeke and Dianne Boldt on January 21st!

If you would like to be remembered on your birthday or anniversary, please let the church office know so we can add your information to our data base.

St. Mary's This 'n That Thrift Shop

Come check out the GOLD Winner of the 2022 Best of the Jersey Shore thrift shops - St. Mary's This 'n That Thrift Shop! And remember the thrift shop when you're cleaning out and organizing. Household items and clean usable clothing are welcome!

Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

Donation days: Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am - 3 pm

Location: St. Mary's This 'n That

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Upcoming Events

Continuing in January on Sundays after worship (except on Vestry Sunday)- Adult Forum Book Study for Advent - Episcopal 101

Thursdays 6 pm The Bible Challenge online via Zoom except 3rd Thursday Healing Service

January 21 - 11 am Celebration of Life for Robert Burns

January 22 - 11 am Vestry Meeting

January 29 after worship - Annual Meeting

12 Step Meetings in the Church Hall

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Monday at 8:00 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Tuesday at 8:00 pm

Alanon Friday at 10:00 am

CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR on our website for all activities taking place throughout the week.

The Third Sunday after Epiphany

Isaiah 9:1-4

1 Corinthians 1:10-18

Matthew 4:12-23

Psalm 27:1, 5-13

Worship Services

Tuesday - Friday 8:30 am Morning Prayer via Zoom

Third Thursday's 6:00 pm Healing Service alternates

between St. Mary's and St. Barnabas

Sunday 9:00 AM in person (church)

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