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Stone Harbor, New Jersey

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Sunday at 9:00 am in the sanctuary

in person and Live on Facebook

Worship at the Beach Saturdays 5:30 pm July 8 - August 26

Tuesday - Friday 8:30 am Morning Prayer via Zoom

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost: Proper 11

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Rector's Corner

Dear Beloved St. Mary's and friends,

As we find ourselves amidst the height of summer, our busiest season, we are reminded of the vibrant energy and life that fills our small church on this Seven Mile Island. It is indeed a time of ceaseless activity but also a time to pause, reflect, and give thanks.

We are grateful for the bounty of our season, the abundance of sunshine, and the warmth of fellowship that summer brings. We are thankful for each member of our congregation, those who call this island home year-round, and those who join us during these sun-filled months. Your dedication, love, and support breathe life into our community and our church.

Our summer members, visitors, and friends, you bring a unique charm and warmth to our congregation. Your presence reminds us that our community continues to grow and evolve, and for this, we are sincerely thankful. Each one of you enriches our worship and fellowship, and your involvement in our services and activities is greatly appreciated.

In the midst of this busy time, let us not forget the importance of pause. A pause to recognize the greatness of our Lord, to express our sincere gratitude for His countless blessings, and to deepen our relationship with Him. It is through these quiet moments of reflection that we can truly appreciate the beauty of our faith and our community.

Let us continue to uphold the love of Christ in all that we do, and may we always remember that we are all disciples and apostles, called to spread Jesus' teachings and love. As we navigate through this busy summer season, let us carry this message of love and gratitude in our hearts.

In the love and service of Christ,

Mo. Allison+

Meet and worship with

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Sally J. French

on August 6, 2023

Brunch will be enjoyed in St. Mary's Parish Hall following the 9 AM Service. All are welcome to attend the service and brunch where you may visit with our new Bishop.

If you would like to provide something for the brunch, it will be most appreciated!

A Celebration of Life

A Celebration of the Life of Margaret Bennett and The Holy Eucharist of the Resurrection will be held on Monday, July 24th at 11:00 AM at St. Mary's. A time of visitation will begin at 10 AM.

Forward Day by Day

The August, September, October issue of Forward Day by Day, large and small print booklets, is now available in the church narthex. Please help yourself. If you would like us to mail you a copy, let the church office know and we will be glad to.

Thursdays on the Lawn

We are looking forward to singing along with The Quietmen at Thursdays on the Lawn next Thursday, July 27th.

The Quietmen are a New Jersey/Pennsylvania based band that specializes in acoustic and celtic rock/folk music from the 50's through today.

Invite some friends and join us under the trees on the front lawn 7:30 to 9 pm.

Lemonade and cookies are enjoyed by our guests during intermission at our Thursdays on the Lawn concerts.

If you are able to provide either lemonade or cookies or both, or serve the night of the show, please sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board in the parish hall or email the church office to sign up. 609-368-5922

Worship at the Beach - 5:30 pm

Saturdays during July and August

Worship at the Beach

"Come as you are" and join Mo. Allison and guitarist Tom Werkheiser on the 101st St. Beach Pavilion at 5:30 pm for a relaxed worship service in a glorious setting!

Bring a beach chair, invite a friend - all are welcome!

In the event of rain, the service moves to St. Mary's.

Worship at the Beach is held every Saturday from July 8th through August 26th.

Science Explorers

Science Explorers returns this summer

for two weeks of Summer Camps at

St. Mary's.

July 17-21 - Ready, Set, Science! runs from 9 am to 12 noon for ages 7-11.

July 24-28 - Jr. Investigative Team runs

9 am to 12 noon for ages 4 - 6. for registration and complete details about the camps or call 877-870-9517

Stone Harbor Museum

Join us for a wonderful evening on the water at the Reeds at Shelter Haven as we celebrate Stan and Marlene Casper for their lifelong support of Stone Harbor.

Tickets to the Stone Harbor Museum's 2023 Gala are now available by calling the Reeds at 609-368-0100.

Only a limited number of tickets are available for this event.

We hope to see you there!

How to beat the Heat

  1. Refresh your mind by reading the ‘good news’ in the Bible.
  2. Face the billowy breeze of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Swim continually in God’s love.
  4. Shower yourself with God’s beautiful blessings.
  5. Drink from the springs of living water that will quench your thirst forever.
  6. Keep cool and calm in the middle of an argument.
  7. When you receive lemons, make tasty lemonade.
  8. Break the ice with someone whom you hold a grudge.
  9. Create a pleasant climate in your home where joy can grow.
  10. Splash on all of God’s gifts and become a sweet smelling fragrance.

Membership at St. Mary's

We often get asked what must happen to “join” our Church.

The short answer is you just need to show up! We welcome anyone and everyone to join us for worship on Sunday mornings or at any of our church activities. For we understand that first and foremost, membership in the Church means being part of a community that is drawn ever more deeply into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

However, there can be more to it than that.

For those who are interested in formally committing membership to the Episcopal Church, and St. Mary’s in particular, we have put together a brief summary of how the Episcopal Church defines the terms of membership. If you still have questions after reading this page, please feel free to reach out to Mo. Allison, Lillian Armstrong, Warden, a vestry member, or Julie, our Administrator and we’d be happy to talk to you more about it.


A Christian is any person who has been baptized in the Episcopal Church or any other Christian church.


The sacrament of Baptism is the initiation rite into the Christian Church. To be Baptized, as an infant, child or adult is to become a full member of the Church with access to the sacraments.


At St. Mary’s, and throughout the Episcopal Church, all are welcome to the table of our Lord.


A person is a member of the Episcopal Church if they have been baptized, whether in an Episcopal church or another Christian church, and the baptism has been recorded in the records of a particular Episcopal parish. A person may also become a member of the Episcopal Church if they are Confirmed or Received by a bishop.


Confirmation is a sacrament of the Church. It is an informed profession of the faith that may be made by teenagers or adults. To be Confirmed is to outwardly proclaim your choice of the Episcopal faith and tradition. It involves the laying on of hands upon the head of the individual, Confirmand by the bishop.


If you have been Confirmed in another liturgical tradition, you are Received into the Church rather than Confirmed. A person is Received into the Episcopal Church by a bishop.


We believe that God speaks to people in a variety of ways and that no one particular expression of this faith is “right.” This way of relating to the divine balances scripture, tradition, and reason for Episcopalians. The Episcopal Church is a sacramental and liturgical form of Christianity that respects the ancient nature of the church yet allows room for a prayerful discussion of theology.


If you are a member of another Episcopal parish and would like to transfer your membership to St. Mary’s, please contact the parish office to let us know. We have a special form we send to your former parish that “transfers” your membership to St. Mary’s.


An “official” member of St. Mary’s is a baptized person who requests to be placed on the membership rolls of this parish. If you are Baptized, Confirmed, or Received at St. Mary’s, you automatically become a member. A person who is a member of another Episcopal church can transfer their membership to St. Mary’s through a Letter of Transfer.


That’s fine. We consider our parish family to be a wide net of individual beliefs and situations, and while we encourage people to seriously consider official membership, it is not a requirement to partake in the life of the community. According to the canons (governing laws) of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of New Jersey, the only thing non-members may not do at the parish level is serve on the Vestry, vote at the annual parish meeting, and serve as a chalice bearer.


No. The Parish Directory is an unofficial list of people who attend St. Mary’s on a regular basis who choose to be on the list. It is never fully complete or up-to-date since people join the community, move, or leave the parish at various times for a variety of reasons. The directory is published annually and updated regularly. If you would like to be included or amend your entry, please contact the parish office.


We firmly believe that stewardship of our financial resources is an integral part of being a Christian, and we rely on the generosity of our community to support our common ministry and pay our bills. Episcopal Churches do not receive financial assistance from the Diocese or the National Church. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: we pay a yearly apportionment to the Diocese of New Jersey to support the mission and ministry of the larger church.


We expect members of this parish community to strive to lead a life of faith. This means sharing the joy of corporate worship as regularly as possible; recognizing that God is the source of all that we are and all that we do; being hospitable of one another and respecting the dignity of every human being; understanding that we don’t have all the answers about faith but we’re always seeking to learn from God and one another; offering of ourselves to the church through our talents, time, and financial resources; helping to spread the message of Christ’s love in whatever way is possible for you. Upholding our baptismal covenant and loving our neighbors.

Please contact the church office if you would like to receive membership forms to be added to our data base.

email: [email protected]


You may sign up on our website here.

We welcome you to join us!

Stewardship Minute

Helping Hands

Everyone knows about “helping hands.” But have you ever thought about all the different things hands can really do?

Hands reach up to paint, clean, and mend the church. They do the same for the homes of those in need nearby. Sometimes, they even build those needed homes. Hands can greet a visitor with a firm handshake. Or they could learn a little sign language to help make a new church member who is deaf feel more welcome.

Hands can dip into pockets to make contributions to the church. They can also dip into buckets with a sponge to swirl across many car windows to raise more funds. Hands can hold a piece of chalk in the classroom or a piece of music in the choir loft. Even those hands that are clenched are helping. They’re donating blood during a church-sponsored drive.

Surely two of those hands that help belong to someone you know. Maybe they belong to you!

Some ways to support St. Mary's

  • Become a member
  • Volunteer
  • The Sunday collection plate
  • Send a check payable to St. Mary's to:

St. Mary's Church,

9425 Third Ave., Stone Harbor, NJ 08247

(Your envelope and number is not necessary, only your name.)

  • Setting up a personal online banking "bill pay" option. The bank will mail the check for you to the church office.
  • Online giving through our website at
Visit our Website

We have now joined Venmo! If you have Venmo, you can donate to the church -


Happy Birthday to

Ty Pettit on July 23rd, Joselyn Rich on July 27, and Sebasatian Tobias on July 29th!

Happy Anniversary to

Lou & Cynthia Schweickhardt on July 22nd!

If you would like to be remembered on your birthday or anniversary, please give us your information so we may add you to our data base. Email the church office: [email protected] or call 609-368-5922

Altar Flowers

Dedicating altar flowers in honor or memory of, or in thanksgiving for a loved one is a wonderful way to remember someone. If you would like to do so, please sign up on the chart on the bulletin board in the parish hall. After the service, you may take the flowers to enjoy or give.

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour is held after service every Sunday in the parish hall. It is an opportunity to get together for relaxed conversation and fellowship over a cup of coffee. If you would like to provide a snack for coffee hour, please pick a Sunday and sign up on the sheet on the door to the kitchen. Nothing elaborate, just a small snack to enjoy with coffee. Thank you!

St. Mary's This 'n That Thrift Shop

Looking to refresh your summer rental or have a room that could use an updated piece of furniture? Then you might want to check out the new FURNITURE SHOP at St. Mary's This 'n That Thrift Shop!

Gold Winner of the 2022 and 2023 Best of the Jersey Shore thrift shops, the Furniture Shop is a great addition to the home goods, housewares and clothing shops at This 'n That.

And remember the thrift shop when you're spring cleaning and re-organizing. Household items, furniture and clean usable clothing are welcome!

Store Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

Donation days: Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am - 3 pm, and on the

1st Saturday of the month 10 - 3 pm.

Location: St. Mary's This 'n That, 1304 Rt. 47 So., Rio Grande, NJ 08242   609-886-7272

You can keep up with special sales and featured furniture by following them on Facebook at:

Upcoming Events

Saturdays 5:30 pm July and August - Worship at the Beach

Thursday, July 27th - 7:30 - 9 pm - Thursdays on the Lawn concert -

The Quietmen

July 17-21 - 9 to 12 noon Science Explorers

July 24-28 - 9 to 12 noon Science Explorers

Monday, July 24th - 11:00 AM Memorial Service Margaret Bennett

Visitation 10:00 AM

Our Summer at St. Mary's pamphlet of events may be downloaded here.

12 Step Meetings in the Church Hall

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Monday at 7:30 pm

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Tuesday at 8:00 pm

Alanon Tuesday at 7:15 pm (beginners meeting in the chapel)

Alanon Tuesday at 8:00 pm (in the chapel)

Alanon Friday morning at 10:00 am

CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR on our website for all activities taking place throughout the week.

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost:

Proper 11

Isaiah 44:6-8

Psalm 86:11-17

Romans 8:12-25

Matthew 13:24-30,36-43

Worship Services

Tuesday - Friday 8:30 am Morning Prayer via Zoom

Third Thursday's 6:00 pm Healing Service

alternates between St. Mary's and St. Barnabas

Sunday 9:00 AM in person (church)

Saturday 5:30 pm on the 101st St. Beach Pavilion

Services, studies, and service bulletins may be accessed on our website: