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Rector's Corner
May 28, 2021

Dear Family in Christ,

It would appear that the energy we shared on Pentecost is sustaining itself and growing throughout this week. It is exciting and invigorating. I am so pleased with the activity that is stirring about. All of it has ushered in some really GREAT NEWS from the Diocese. It's time to CELEBRATE!
The RRR committee and the Diocese have lifted the majority of all regulations.

Here are the highlights in brief:


  • Fully Vaccinated people may remove their Masks
  • Congregational Singing May continue without masks
  • Altar Servers assisting at the table may resume
  • Lectors may return to the Lectern
  • You may receive Communion at the Altar rail. (Communion will remain in one kind at this time)
  • The choir may return with proof of Vaccination (when we are ready)
  • Families with young children (who are not yet able to be vaccinated) are encouraged to keep social distancing for their protection
  • Unvaccinated people are encouraged to continue to wear masks
  • Books, cushions, etc... may return to the pews
  • Counters, ministries, and building use to outside groups may resume as normal.

May return. There is no restriction on vaccinated individuals and the proximity of their seating. We may eat and drink together once again.

This all feels so wonderful and freeing, especially as we prepare for Trinity Sunday. With all of God's grace, majesty, and mystery, here we are at a time that has given us an opportunity to renew our relationships and recommit our lives.

The concept of mystery is very much a preoccupying part of our human nature. Often, we are intrigued by the pleasure of trying to solve mysteries. At other times we are intrigued by the challenge of seemingly unsolvable mysteries.

Matthew 28: 16–20 places mystery in the essential message of Christianity. Jesus told His disciples to “go to all peoples and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” The concept of the Trinity has been mystifying to Christians, but if we look at this mystery from the perspective of relationships with others, then we can get a better, if somewhat limited, understanding of the Divine Mystery of God’s life within the Blessed Trinity and the opportunity we have to refresh ourselves in God's grace.

I am looking forward to seeing you all this weekend and worshipping our Lord together.


Mo. Allison+

Note for this week's service:

Father Matis will be at St. Peter's in Cape May Point this weekend. Milia Smith will take the Bench as our supply organist. Please give Milia a warm St. Mary's welcome.

If you would like a pastoral visit or a visit from one of our
Eucharistic Ministers, please contact
Mo. Allison.

Mo. Allison's
Official Installation as our Rector will take place on July 25th at 12:00 pm.
More details of the installation and the Bishop's visitation will soon follow.

Prayer on Memorial Day

Lord Jesus Christ, today we honor the memory of those who have given their lives for their compatriots in the cause of freedom.

They have worked, fought, and died for the heritage of freedom and honor that they have passed on to us.

Help us to recall that you yourself gave up your life for all human beings in the cause of true freedom — to save us from self–love and sin.

Teach us the true meaning of peace and that the real battle must always take place in ourselves before it will be won in families and nations.

Make us keep your memory in our celebration of communion and pray for the peace and freedom of the whole world.
Important Communication Reminders

Mother Allison may be reached on her mobile phone at 551-697-6133.

Morning Prayer is Tuesday-Friday via Zoom. Mother is available immediately following morning prayer to those who join to answer any questions, hear your concerns, or for pastoral care.

If you are in need of a home visit or wish to receive the Eucharist, please call Mother directly.

The Vestry is once again meeting in person in the Hall. All vestry meetings are posted to the calendar on our website. Anyone may attend vestry meetings.

With the building now open all vestry meeting minutes will once again be posted on the bulletin board as they are available.

Our newsletter is distributed via email every Friday morning. If you would like to add to the newsletter, please email the office with your entry.


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A Church that Prays Together Stays Together!

God the King of Glory, in whose hands are the living and the dead: We give you thanks for all those who have laid down their lives in the service of our country. Grant them your mercy and the light of your presence; give us a sense of your will and purpose, that we may understand that the work you have begun in them will be perfected through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, in whom all strife is resolved. Amen. 

In addition to our regular prayer list, we are introducing a new, easy accessible way to add you or a loved one to our daily prayers. You may access this link at any time for prayers or additions.

Clap Your Hands
There is a little boy who shows his joy constantly by clapping his hands. Put apple sauce before him and he claps. Put him down with his toys and he claps eagerly. Tell him the family is going for a picnic and he breaks into applause.

His parents say it is great fun having such a happy–go–lucky child. They smile broadly when they see him joyously clapping his hands with vigor again and again. This upbeat little boy brings to mind the words of Isaiah to the effect that “a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6) Certainly, the happy lad could lead those who dwell in gloom and doom into a new and joyous lifestyle.

In 1 Timothy 4:4, St. Paul says: “For everything created by God is good … provided it is received with thanksgiving.” The child knows this already. Receiving life “with thanksgiving” is the key to living victoriously. It starts with observing all of the good things that God bestows on us daily and receiving them with joy.
We're Looking Forward to ...
Worship at the Beach, our "Come as you are" service on the 101st St. Beach Pavilion returns July 10th!
We're moving the Saturday service from the church to the beach for the summer months. Plan to join us for a relaxed worship service in a glorious setting!

Our Thursdays on the Lawn concerts are set for Summer 2021 with a terrific line up! We'll get off to a great start with the super popular group Three and One on July 8th. One of our favorites, The Snake Brothers, continues our summer concert series on July 15th, followed by The Quietmen on July 22nd,
Marnie and Nate on July 29th, and C. Lynne Smith on August 5th. We'll wrap up on August 12th with Three and One. Bring some friends and
plan to join us on the front lawn this summer!
Coming to St. Mary's this summer...
Summertime will be exploding with fun, fun fun!
July 6 - July 30th
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Happy Anniversary to

Stanley and Marlene Casper on May 28th!
Lectionary Text for Trinity Sunday
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