How to Stay Connected to Your Buyers

This is a time like no other in the 30 years I have been a real estate broker, but we have adapted before, and we’re in the middle of doing it again. One way my agents are making the most of these unprecedented times and staying connected with buyers is by coming up with digital offerings they can tailor to their clients so that they stay top of mind.

Home Prices Resilient Amid Pandemic

Despite sending unemployment skyrocketing, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have little impact on home prices this year, according to a  Reuters poll  conducted in June. Home prices are expected to outperform consumer prices with a 3.0% increase this year, according to the poll.  .

Homeowners: Designing the Perfect Pop-Up Office

Stage extra rooms as workspaces so buyers can see the flexibility of your listing.
More Bidding Wars for Homes

More than 40 percent of Redfin purchase offers faced competitive bids in the four weeks ending May 10, according to a new report from the brokerage.
In some metropolitan areas, the bidding war rate surpassed 60 percent, Redfin said.
As a Westcor Agent, we are able to provide......
Our philanthropic efforts went to James A. Haley VA Hospital. We donated monitors and keyboards for the VA patients and staff members.
We, also, held a blood drive with If you donated, you received free testing on your cholesterol and provided an antibody test for COVID-19. We would like to thank everyone that donated.