Lunchtime Book Study

In this lock-down, I find myself returning to books that fill me with joy. Last Wednesday, Sara Miles and I joined the book launch for Anna Woofenden's new book, " This is God's Table" which was a beautiful read. And I'm looking forward to getting a copy of Emily Scott's new book, " For All Who Hunger."

But last week, as I was preparing my sermon for Sunday, I found my copy of Richard Rohr's " The Universal Christ" - a book that I read last summer. Rereading it reminded me of the gorgeous way he claims the principle of "Christ" as the foundation of reality.

Beginning on May 27 at Noon, I'm going to start a lunchtime book study of "The Universal Christ." Think about ordering your copy from Christoper's Books or your local independent book seller. We'll gather in my zoom room and talk about the Christ, the ways that we believe, and what we see around us that shows us more of God. We'll meet for an hour or less. So grab a sandwich and the book and, let's see where it takes us.

This Week at St. Gregory's
Services are online at St. Gregory's. There will be no on-site services held at the church building.

This Sunday, May 17 - Sixth Sunday of Easter
  • Online Liturgy at 10:00 AM. Join in the worship using Zoom. If you are asked for a password it's nyssa1978.
  • Coffee hour is going to gather on Sunday right after the service. Stay in the zoom worship room and keep celebrating.
  • Godly Play will meet at 11 AM in the Godly Play zoom room (note: this is a new address). If you are asked for a password it's Iwonder.
  • Vestry Meeting at 11 AM. see grey box below.
Next Sunday, May 24 - Seventh Sunday of Easter
  • Online Liturgy at 10:00 AM. Join in the worship using Zoom. If you are asked for a password it's nyssa1978.
  • Coffee hour takes place after worship. Stay in the zoom room to enjoy this time of community.
  • Godly Play will be at 11:00. You can find it here if you want to participate. If you are asked for a password it's Iwonder.
Our Shared Life
  • This week, please pray for all students as they prepare for finals, and for all graduating seniors who are entering the job market in this difficult time.
  • If you have photos to share of St. Gregory's folks making church together in our current state of physical distancing, share them and we'll post in the newsletter.
Space to Create
Jessica Anderson and Marianne Philipp are taking Space to Create online. Join them this Friday night from 6:30 - 8:30 PM for a virtual meeting where improvisation and creative thinking will take center stage. For a more information, please email Jessica . You can find the zoom room here .
Announcements from Friends and Partners
During this crisis time, the Food Pantry has reopened as a neighborhood pop-up pantry. Pre-packed bags of food will be distributed on Saturdays from 12:00 noon until 2:00 PM or when all food has been given away.

As schools are currently closed, SFUSD will be providing free lunches to all children 18 and younger at sites throughout the city. Follow this link for locations and more information.

Our friends in the diocesan office have shared a bunch of resources for people of all ages to learn at home and find new spiritual practices. Check it out here.

Sadly, until the Shelter-in-Place order is lifted, Calling all choir, NA, and AA will not be meeting on site.

AA will hold a Big Book Meeting at 10am Saturday via Webex or phone (1-650-215-5226) with access code 142 421 659

NA will hold online meetings during this time. Visit the SFNA website for a list of meeting times.
One Last Thing...
The Vestry will be meeting via Zoom at 11am on Sunday, May 17.

The tentative agenda is here . All members of the parish are welcome to join the video conference via this link . There will be time for questions and open discussion.
The Vestry of Saint Gregory’s board of directors, composed of 9 members: the Rector and 8 members elected from the membership of the church. The elected members serve overlapping 3 year terms and each has a specific role: the 3 year terms and each has a specific role: the Inward-looking Convenor (the Junior Warden, in Episcopal parlance), the Outward-looking Convenor (the Senior Warden), the Secretary, and five commissioners focused on specific areas of the parish’s life: Money and Meaning (aka Finance), Sacred Space (aka Building), Lifelong Learning, Strategic Presence, and Membership. The Treasurer also serves as a non-voting officer of the Vestry who works closely with the Finance chair and committee.
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