Staying Upbeat, Positive and Healthy
in a time of coronavirus


We launched our free online Salsa workout last Tuesday, as part of something we could do for the community during these stressful and uncertain times of the COVID19 pandemic. Who knew it would be so much fun?! So many people joined in the Instagram Live session run by Blueheel Dance Instructor Elsa Cicchini. Judging by the comments and emoji's, people not just loved the workout and the dance coaching but some hilarious comments had us all laughing and rocking that "we're-in-this-together" feeling. We love you Elsa!

So we've decided to keep this as an ongoing event and possibly increasing it to twice a week, (maybe more) for as long as the community needs it. Elsa is not only a Latin & Ballroom Instructor, she's a hip hop virtuoso and well versed in soca and jazz! So please give us your feedback at if you would like to see more of these sessions. Your suggestions will help us craft a fun way to keep Port Credit active and healthy.


As we are urged to stay home, self isolate or practice social distancing - something so alien to our very nature and fabric of social life - we still need to keep fit, keep healthy and stay connected. Dance not only provides us the physical activity our body needs, it's scientifically proven to make one feel better mentally and emotionally. It is especially relevant for anyone fighting anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. You need to do this. Everyone can do this.
Join us as we #fighttheCOVID! Share the link with your friends and family and we'll see you on Tuesday! instagram@blueheeldancestudio


Join Elsa on Instagram live as she takes you through the Salsa paces. Fun, upbeat and so good for you. Anyone can join. No partner required. No experience necessary. (Plus no one can see you!) Get the whole family on board! And don't forget to like us on facebook too. We're exploring more links and platforms for easy access to dance.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Caroline and the Blueheel Team

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