This is the Dioceseʻs platform of choice when communicating with a group requiring interaction and discussion. Itʻs a great way for people to hold meetings, conduct Bible Study, or pray together. The monthly governance meetings have been using Zoom for a while and our Spring Training (Education Day) will be going online using Zoom!

Not only is it a convenient tool, but video conferencing saves time and money! Users can connect through a cell phone, tablet or computer. A quick download of the app, a link shared by the host, and you are set to go! Visit the Zoom website HERE to learn more. They also offer free training sessions online HERE.

Test it out with their free plan, that allows up to 40 minutes of unlimited conferences up to 100 people. At $14.99 a month, you can have unlimited conference sessions with no time limit! For questions, contact Rae Costa by email or call (808) 536-7776, ext. 326, or cell phone (808) 348-5901.
Clergy can easily post their sermons or full services, through Facebook Live. It is a live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast from their mobile devices straight to their Facebook News Feed.

In addition to weekly sermons, think about offering a daily Lenten meditation or Morning Prayer online. You may be very surprised at the reach you have when it is posted on Facebook. Not only is this option free, but super simple too! All you need is a cell phone, a tripod, and your churchʻs Facebook page!

Folks can tune into the livestream by going to your page at a certain time, and remember to let your congregants know either through through email notification (newsletter) or online post. Be sure to record your session too (just a simple setting swipe) and post the link on your website so that members can view it at any time. This can also be applied to workshops and seminars.

The Diocese of San Diego has a great instructional video on how to set it up in 4 simple steps HERE, or go the Facebook Live guide HERE.
If your church doesnʻt already have a social media presence, now may be the perfect time to do so and encourage your members to follow it. Itʻs an easy and effective way to stay connected regularly, and best of all, itʻs FREE!

There are a number of churches that have Facebook pages, but they are not active or rarely used. Consider reactivating it. Itʻs a great way to share posts from other sources too. Assign two or three Administrators to help share the responsibility of posting. One can post church notices or worship info while another could post pictures and updates of activities. Of course the priest should be able to post sermons, inspirational thoughts and memes, and words of wisdom as often and necessary as possible! Visit the Diocesan website Communications Social Media page HERE for more info on some of the most popular social media platforms.
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