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"Catholicism in the time of Coronavirus"
Check on these fascinating new resources from Bishop Robert Barron's "Word on Fire" ministry. They include an interview with author Dr. Stephen Bullivant about his new book, "Catholicism in the time of Coronavirus." The book (free and downloadable) is described as follows:

"... an insightful and encouraging analysis of the coronavirus, shedding light not only on the Church’s present moment or similar crises of the past but also on the immediate future. A former Oxford researcher and expert in Catholic disaffiliation, Dr. Bullivant looks at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Church from both the spiritual and secular perspectives, weaving in his own personal reflections as a Catholic convert and a husband and father. This eBook is a unique roadmap for this challenging time, one that will help to bring clarity, focus, and energy to Catholics everywhere."

Here are the links to the interview (about 40 minutes long), and the e-book:

For a FREE Copy of Catholicism in the time of Coronavirus

Video Interview with Dr. Stephen Bullivant
LDA's new digital resource, is an informative and practical guide for you to share with your family so they may be able to more fully celebrate Mass at home.
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In this disturbing and frightening time, a virus that human beings have not seen before is now infecting millions of people all over the globe. The coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) causes serious illness and possible death in adults, teens, children, and infants.
If this is difficult for adults to fathom, it is nearly impossible for children and teens to understand.
This booklet is meant to help you communicate about this worldwide tragedy to the children and teens in your life. Each chapter will focus on a different aspect of the pandemic, starting with background information suit- able for adults and most teens, and followed by sugges- tions on how to talk about the chapter’s information to young people of different ages.

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