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Rev. Vickie Miller | Rev. Nancy Wilson
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Sun. | Mar. 29 | 10AM
"The Risk of Losing Friends"

On Sunday, Rev. Nancy will share the story of John's gospel. This is the story of the last supper which does not focus on a meal, but on a radical act of egalitarian friendship and service – Jesus washed his friends'–the disciples–feet.

Jesus risked losing friendships in this last week of his life, as his ministry challenged the authorities. Some of his friends were confused, some doubted or lost their nerve. 

We all know what it is like to have deep friendships and to lose friends. This Sunday, we will lean into our faith, and into God's steadfast love and friendship with us!! Jesus is a Friend we never have to lose! In these trying times, we need our friends, and especially our Heavenly Friend!
Reading: John 13: 3-3 5
For our Worship Service on Sunday, March 29

Have a candle and means to light it

Have a cup of juice, wine, or water, with a piece of bread, and set it aside until we do the communion liturgy
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