MARCH 2020
Finding Inspiration in Difficult Times
The past few weeks have been a challenging time for our families and our world. In this time of uncertainty, we continue to be inspired by the stories of resilience, partnership and strength that have emerged as communities come together to address this pandemic.
While the COVID-19 threat will continue to be top of mind for us all, we also want to acknowledge and celebrate some incredible stories of women from around the globe who embody the same spirit of ingenuity and strength that are critical during this difficult time.

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Recognizing Women's Empowerment
From farmers to entrepreneurs to innovators, Feed the Future works with women to unleash their potential and spark new opportunities to create a more food-secure future for all.
In recognition of Women’s History Month, we’re showcasing how Feed the Future empowers women to help reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition.
Meet Veronica, a trader at Oldonyiro market in northern Kenya. In the past, recurring droughts in this region often set families in her community back, making it difficult to escape poverty. Feed the Future helped build a safe and reliable marketplace for traders like Veronica to thrive.
When women like Veronica can grow their businesses and income, they build healthier families and stronger communities.
USAID Launched the Bureau for Resilience and
Food Security
USAID has officially launched the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security, which will lead coordination of Feed the Future! Learn more about the bureau and the new job opportunities that come with it.
Meet Our Growing Women's Entrepreneurship
Award Winners
Congratulations to Linnet Akol of Krystal Ice and Sylvia Natukunda of Farm Reap for winning the Feed the Future Growing Women's Entrepreneurship Award. These entrepreneurs are sourcing from smallholder farmers and boosting food security in Uganda.  
New Funding Opportunity
The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement is looking to partner with National Agricultural Research Institutes to develop and deliver better crop varieties for smallholder farmers. Letters of Intent are due April 10.
What We're Reading
Science and gender equality are both vital for achieving a stable and prosperous world. We recently interviewed six women in science about the impact they’re having on building a better future.
Reaching the billions of people who are not connected to sewer systems worldwide takes new ideas. USAID’s Global Water Coordinator, Jennifer Mack, shares how water efforts in Senegal are helping build a sanitation brand led by women entrepreneurs.
From finding peaceful ways to resolve conflict to becoming self-sufficient in growing nutritious food, four women from different corners of the world are standing up to hunger and poverty.
Photo and Video Credits: Bobby Neptune for USAID; Bobby Neptune for USAID;
Douglas Gritzmacher for USAID.
Feed the Future is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative.