An Inspiration from Master
for these extraordinary times
“You must roll the stones aside, climb over obstacles, wade the forbidding streams, and go straight on with the Divine Light as your guidance. Arise, awaken your spirit, and with determination and will power encounter the internal and external difficulties.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

Greetings to all members and friends of Portland Center!
Living in our swiftly changing world while confronting COVID-19 presents challenges for each of us individually, as well as for Portland Center. As you already know, services and events have been indefinitely suspended at all SRF groups, centers and facilities. We are grateful to the small group of volunteers who are coming by the Center on a regular basis to check on our building and maintain the beautiful landscape, providing visibility and a sense of security while our activities are on hold.

How blessed we are to have support from SRF Mother Center through messages of inspiration and streamed services available on the SRF blog ! If you haven't visited there lately, we hope you will do so.

In his latest message our president and spiritual head, Brother Chidananda encourages us with these words:

"As an outwardly distanced but inwardly united band of souls, let us continue to charge ourselves from the Infinite Source of strength and inspiration."
Upcoming Dates to Remember

Although we will not likely be able to meet together
on these special occasions, let us keep each other in our hearts
and prayers as we meditate in our homes.

Good Friday , April 10

Easter Sunday , April 12

Master's Easter Message

"This is my Easter prayer: May all true devotees of God, uplifted by the transparent purity of their lives, begin to radiate the Infinite Light, equally present in all, even as Jesus did, and remember the long-forgotten truth that they are all potential Sons of God."

Paramahansa Yogananda

Sunday, May 10
Birth Anniversary
of Swami Sri Yukteswar

“The deeper the Self-realization of a man, the more he influences the whole universe by his subtle spiritual vibrations, and the less he himself is affected by the phenomenal flux.”

Swami Sri Yukteswar, as quoted by Paramahansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi
Chapter 16: "Outwitting the Stars"

Yogananda Seva and SRF Online Meditation Center
In these days of physical distancing, SRF's Online Meditation Center can be a spiritual lifeline! We encourage you to take advantage of their expanded offerings, including group meditations — some led by SRF monastics — and online study groups. This service is provided by a dedicated group of volunteers known as Yogananda Seva , who also host a young adults sangha through their website .
Testimonial from a devotee who participates in the online meditations:
Day of Service Photo Album
In late February, a crew of 16 worked enthusiastically and congenially to spruce up our Center, inside and out.
Darden and Bruce
After making short work of the to-do list, we ended the day
with a delicious lunch.
Many thanks to all who participated!
An Important Message from Portland Center Managing Council
Dear members and friends of Portland Center,

We hope that during these unsettled times you are feeling the peace and security that come by contacting God's presence in meditation. We are a one-world-family, and reaching out with kindness to others, helping in whatever way we can is something that helps make these times feel more like a blessing than a curse. Phone calls, cards, letters and offering to go shopping for an at-risk person are a few things that can cheer someone who is having trouble coping.

During "normal" times with regular services, our group’s donations generally offset the Center's ongoing expenses. Now, without services and activities our expenses will be somewhat reduced but will continue to occur, and income from donations seems likely to decrease significantly in the weeks to come. As a result, we deeply appreciate any contributions you are able to make to help the Center cover our monthly operating expenses. Please  make checks payable to  Portland Center and mail to Portland Center of SRF, 356 NE 80th Street, Portland 97213 .

We look forward to seeing you all again at the Portland Center when it is safe to do so.

With gratitude, and in divine friendship,

Kripa, Mike, Paulette, Rebecca, Shikha
Rhododendrons in bloom at Portland Center, March 2020
SRF Regional Retreat: Seabeck, Washington
This annual event, hosted by the Seattle SRF Center and conducted by Self-Realization Fellowship monastics, is scheduled to take place June 5 - 7 at the Seabeck Conference Center on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Since all SRF retreats have been canceled through May, if you are interested in attending we suggest you check the Seattle Center's website for updates concerning registration.
Happy Mother's Day! Sunday May 10
"If you appeal to God as the Divine Mother, She quickly gives in,
for you have appealed to Her tenderness and unconditional love."

Paramahansa Yogananda
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