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Solidarity Message
from SunCoast MCC

On July 16, we sent a solidarity message to our Jewish brothers and sisters. SunCoast denounced the vandalism against two Sarasota Jewish Communities: Temple Emanu-El and Temple Sinai. The temples were defaced with spray-painted swastikas and graphic anti-Semitic language. Religious motivated violence affects all of us. We stand united!

(Read full Loving Note from Pastors   HERE )

Rabbi Michael Shefrin's
Note to SunCoast MCC

In response to our solidarity message, Rabbi Shefrin sent us this note. "Thank you for these words. They are comforting and important. Wishing you and your congregation only good." Rabbi Michael Shefrin, Associate Rabbi, Temple Emanu-EL
We need  Your love and support now more than ever. Together let's keep our General Fund and Pillars accounts liquid. If you are able to make a donation to SunCoast MCC, please (click  HERE ) .
To minimally cover the Church expenses during this time, we need approximately $6,000 weekly. For week ending July 12, 2020, we collected $2,122.00 for General Fund * and $720.00 for Pillars ** .

* Funds the church's operating expenses (i.e., utilities, salaries, maintenance of property, worship/multi-media expenses, bank fees, internet, copier, office supplies, tithe, etc.)
** Funds the church's mortgage, insurance and taxes.
"Press on to the Goal"
Wonderful News! We have now raised in cash $15,000 of the match of the $25,000, only $10,000 to go to meet our final goal of $130,000!

Thank you SunCoast MCC family and friend, WE ARE VERY CLOSE! If you have given already, bless you! If you can help us get all the way there, please click HERE to donate online using EasyTithe or send a check to SunCoast MCC. Once again, thank you. Join the list of contributors .
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We continue to look for ways to engage our church members and friends during these challenging times and into the future. We have been offering the following events: Bible Studies, Drive-By Blessings, Drumming Circles, Discussion on Racism, Trivia and Bingo Nights, Prayer Surges and Virtual Church Social Hours. New events are being added each week.

Please take a minute to help us find new and other meaningful ways to stay connected during these times when we cannot worship in person, talk face-to-face and hug in person. Your feedback is appreciated.
Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths in our communities, please note the following:

  • We will continue to worship every Sunday at 10AM online only.
  • We ask that you continue to check-in with each other and with us.
  • Join any of the Zoom programs, classes and events. We are available to help you to log-in.
  • Only essential activities will be conducted in the church sanctuary, such as, but not exclusive to recording the services.
  • Our office hours are 11AM to 3PM on Mondays and Thursdays. Wear a masks if you visit. We can provide one if you do not have one.

Stay Safe. Stay Connected. 
Your safety is our top priority. Our buildings are closed but our church is not!!!
"Christmas In July"
Saturday, July 25 from 4PM to 5:30PM
Please join us. This promises to be a wonderful time of great fun, fellowship and an opportunity to see friendly/familiar faces. Since we all miss being together and seeing one another on Sunday and in the various activities in the life of our church and community, this is a fantastic way to say hi and connect!

  • Dig out your favorite ugly Christmas shirt/sweater. 
  • Dig through your holiday recipes and be ready to talk about your favorite holiday treat. Find a special ornament or decoration. You can share about it too.
  • We will have three prizes: 1st place $50 gift card, 2nd place $25 gift card and 3rd place $10 gift card.
  • Be ready to email us your recipes so we can create a memory document of everyone’s favorite holiday.

Christmas is a wonderful time of birth and reflection. Even during these uncertain and uncharted times, we are thankful for what we have, especially our SunCoast MCC family and friends. Join as we spread some Christmas cheer.

If you get a chance, checkout the song quiz before Saturday ( click HERE )

Meeting ID: 955 6896 8787 | Password: 192189
Mondays through August 31 at 6PM*

Individuals and friends compete. Program extended another month. All are welcome.

Bragging Rights for July 20:
1st place: Audrey, Lisa, Terrie, Renae
: 2nd Place: Mary, Maryellen, Yolanda, Beth
3rd Place: George, Park, Bill

*July 27 no trivia questions, group will still get together for conversation and laughs.
Meeting ID: 949 7879 7860
Password: 869490
Wednesday, July 29 at 6PM

(Email HERE   to get the cards.)

 Bragging Rights for July 22:
1st: Janine, 2nd: Mary, Tonie, George,
3rd: George, 4th: Jill, 5th: Maryellen

Meeting ID: 913 0391 3326
Password: 647829
Bible Study Series:
Tuesdays at 4:30PM through August 11
They are simple phrases. They sound Christian—like something you might find in the Bible. We’ve all heard or said these words. They capture some element of truth, yet they miss the point in important ways.

  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • God helps those who help themselves.
  • God won’t give you more than you can handle.
  • God said it, I believe it, that settles it.
  • Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Join the Pastors to explore and unpack these “half truth” phrases.

Meeting ID: 956 4008 2106 | Password: 819421
Prayer Surge
Led by Rebecca Wilson

Thursday, August 6
at 6PM

(more details coming soon)
Membership Class
Led by Pastors

(more details coming soon)

Call the office to let us know you are interested in participating.
SunCoast MCC's Volunteers in Action
Your continued generosity continues to make possible our strong relationship with CHAPS. Thank you to our volunteers for all they do. We appreciate you. Go team!
Voting by Mail

If you reside in Florida, now is the time to enroll or re-enroll. To vote by mail contact your county supervisor of elections.
Remember, you MUST RE-ENROLL every 2 years.

Sarasota County: (941) 861-8600
Charlotte County: (941) 833-5400

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