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A welcoming, diverse and active community. We share God's love in a spiritual environment offering truth , trust and transformation .
Board of Directors Update
We need  Your love and support now more than ever. Together let's keep our General Fund and Pillars accounts liquid. If you are able to make a donation to SunCoast MCC, please (click  HERE ) .
To minimally cover the Church expenses during this time, we need approximately $6,000 weekly. For week ending July 26, 2020, we collected $1,722.00 for General Fund * and $545.00 for Pillars ** .

* Funds the church's operating expenses (i.e., utilities, salaries, maintenance of property, worship/multi-media expenses, bank fees, internet, copier, office supplies, tithe, etc.)
** Funds the church's mortgage, insurance and taxes.
Make a Joyful Noise!
Join Dr. David Katz
SunCoast MCC's Music Director
Wednesday, August 5 at 7PM
Vocal music is an integral part of lifting the word of God to greater heights in worship. Group singing allows people to come together and express their faith and joy in community.

Through the virtual choir experience, we can create this experience together in a safe way, even in these uncertain times. I would very much like you to be a part of a virtual choir piece that we will use for our online worship at Suncoast MCC. Let’s make a joyful noise!

Meeting ID: 774 580 1526
Meeting Password: suncoast (all lower case)
Programming Team
It's still not to late to take the survey. Help us find new and other meaningful ways to stay connected during these times when we cannot worship in person, talk face-to-face and hug in person. Your feedback is appreciated.
Mondays through
August 31 at 6PM

Individuals and friends compete.
Program extended another month.
Meeting ID: 949 7879 7860 | Password: 869490
Last time ...
Wednesday, August 5 at 6PM

(Email  HERE   to get the cards.)

Meeting ID: 913 0391 3326 | Password: 647829
Prayer Surge
Led by Rebecca Wilson

Thursday, August 6 at 6PM
Meeting ID: 840 6033 7671
Bible Study Series
Tuesdays at 4:30PM through August 11
They are simple phrases. They sound Christian—like something you might find in the Bible. We’ve all heard or said these words. They capture some element of truth, yet they miss the point in important ways.

  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • God helps those who help themselves.
  • God won’t give you more than you can handle.
  • God said it, I believe it, that settles it.
  • Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Join the Pastors to explore and unpack these “half truth” phrases.

Meeting ID: 956 4008 2106 | Password: 819421

Rev. Vickie and Rev. Nancy Look Forward to Seeing You!!
Friday, August 21 at 5PM at SunCoast MCC Church Grounds
While maintaining physical distancing and safety protocols, we will celebrate achieving our Capital Campaign goals. As you know, earlier in the year, we set a goal to collect funds to lower our monthly mortgage payments. With your prayers, donations and support, we were successful. W e will celebrate God's abundance and blessing and our new, lower mortgage!

We are thankful to you. We plan to host a physically distanced celebration where you can see the Pastors, listen to music and receive blessed water to use while watching the Sunday Services on Aug. 23. Vickie and Nancy can't wait to see you! (More details soon)
More Programs ...
Coming Soon!!

Stay tuned for more details about upcoming activities requested in the survey:
  • Golfing or bicycling
  • American Sign Language (learning songs for church)
  • More virtual social opportunities ...
Membership Class
Led by Pastors

Call the office to let us know you are interested in participating.
Yes you heard right ...
We Celebrated Christmas in July!

What an amazing time we had enjoying holiday cheer on July 25! We sang a Florida Christmas carol, shared recipes and favorite Christmas memories, and participated in a holiday song and an ugly sweater contest! Congratulations to the following winners who will receive their gift cards in the U.S. mail:

  • Rev. Gene: $50 gift card (Ugly Sweater winner and Holiday Songs 2nd place)
  • Rev. Nancy: $25 Amazon card (Holiday Songs Quiz winner)
  • Kathy H.: $25 gift card (Ugly Sweater 2nd place)
  • Rebecca and her mom, Jo-Ann: $50 gas card (Ugly Sweater 2nd place and Ugly Sweater 3rd place)
  • Cindy S. and Cindy D.: $25 Amazon card (Holiday Songs 2nd place)
  • John & Greg): $25 Amazon card (Holiday Songs 3rd place)
  • Mary and Maryellen: $25 gift card (Holiday Songs 3rd place)

Many thanks to Kathy Hanas for organizing such a heart-warming activity that helped us all focus on Christmas cheer!
Send us Your Holiday Recipe for SunCoast's Cookbook
Due: Friday, August 28

A wonderful idea resulting from the " Christmas in July" event is to create a Holiday Recipe Cookbook. Everyone can participate even if you were not able to attend the event.

If you would like to submit your favorite Christmas/Holiday recipe, please email them here . Please include a fond memory/story with the recipe, if you wish.
Please include SunCoast MCC Recipe in the subject line.
"Church Family Check-In"
Take a moment to check-in on someone from your church family today!!
Let us know if you need anything. Be Safe. Stay Connected.
"Call someone"
"Take a selfie and
share it with someone"
"Text or Email someone"
August Anniversaries and Birthdays
03 Jill and Jenny Oldham
06 Ryan and Stacey Clapham
13 Greg Bilak and Richard Tine
18 Marty Shoemaker and Scott Swonger
24 Rodger Jenkins and Sam Sinnett
29 Lorraine Malaspina and Pat Merrill
31 Kathy Dunn and Susan Rochester
01 Kim Charles
04 Rhonda Ellsworth
08 Sharon Farquhar
08 Rev. Vickie Miller
09 Michael Earl
10 Bob Stewart
11 Connie Brewer
19 Bill Arnold
19 Brian Carey
19 Terry Cherney
21 Carla Petersen
21 Mary Sullivan
22 Lou DeMarco
22 Paula Schoenwether
26 Suzanne Sturtz
29 Thomas Thompson
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