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Loving Note from
Rev. Nancy & Rev. Vickie
Sunday morning, June 12, 2016, we jumped in the car and raced to Orlando, Florida, to be with our church and community on that awful day.

Four years later, the massacre at the Pulse nightclub, the murder of 49 people still shakes us to the core. The LGBT nightclub, that catered to a young, mixed crowd, was hosting a night of music for it’s Latino/a clientele. Grief over the senseless death of those young people of different races, genders and sexual orientations, still haunts our community and fires up our church in Orlando to stand for love over hate.
That day, we had the opportunity, as church family, friends and colleagues, to support Pastor Terri Steed-Pierce, to speak to the media, to comfort the church, to be present at the LGBT center, to hug and hold, to cry and witness. A year later, as a new co-pastor of SunCoast MCC, Rev. Vickie spoke movingly about that day in her sermon.

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Remember Pulse!
Video Message from MCC Moderator
Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston
The Governing Board is pleased to announce the members of the Commission and the Terms of Reference under which it will carry out its vital work. We know that the establishment of the Commission on Pathways of Healing and Reconciliation is only the beginning of a journey. It will take courage, persistence and a willingness to hold ourselves and each other to account for us to create lasting cultural change within MCC, so that we can truly serve the world. 
Beginning June 13 Staying Connected will be published weekly instead of bi-weekly. We will continue to provide you the same level of information, updates, encourgagements and prayers. Stay tuned for the next Staying Connected on Friday, June 19. Click HERE to contact the communications team. Enjoy!
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