Staying Connected
Luke 10 :38 - 41 tell the story of Martha.

38 As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. 39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. 40 But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”

41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

The School year is upon us. Weather we're ready for it or not. It's here and it looks very different that it has before. If you have kids getting ready to go in school or even grand-kids getting ready to go into school it seems like new information continues to flow out and maybe even change everyday. There's been a few times my wife has said did you see the email that came out today and in my brain I'm thinking "the email?" I saw like four. It's enough to make our heads spin. The start of the school year many times is like that though but this year just crazier. It's easy to get wrapped up in it all. Getting school supplies, figuring out the school schedule, do we have money in the lunch account or maybe this year your child wants to take lunch everyday.... do we even have lunch food at home. We frantically try to make sure every things perfect. This year maybe your child is doing distanced learning everyday or some days and we get to try and figure what days that's happening or do we have everything we need for that. The time to help you child through it, the knowledge to help with questions or even the internet capacity to keep things running throughout the day. Maybe you don't have kids in school and your faced with similar things with work trying to get everything done. All of a sudden your job is a continued time of putting out new and different fires that you weren't dealing with a year ago.

In the story about Martha she spends so much time worrying. Trying to get many things done. Whenever I hear this story I just picture Martha running around the house frantically doing all sorts of things around the house. Making meals, doing laundry, setting the table for dinner, vacuuming.......... It reminds me of a skit we used to do when I was a camp counselor called "Jesus is coming for dinner" It starts with someone at their house and Jesus calls them on the phone and says he's stopping by. The person has to get going and get everything ready for Jesus. Some one knocks on the door and has a flat time and needs help. The person doesn't have time for that Jesus is coming. Then again there's a knock on the door and it's another person that needs to make a phone call. Again no time for that person because Jesus is coming. This continues with a few more people stopping by all not important enough to stop getting ready for Jesus. Phone rings again and the person answers. It's Jesus and Jesus wants to know why they never let him in the house. Many of you probably saw where that was going. Jesus was there the whole time and the person just couldn't see him because they were too busy getting everything done.

This year there are many things going on and many things we have to be ready for. They are all important things. Things that need to be done to be ready for the coming school year but we have to be able to step back and just look for Jesus. How Jesus is playing a roll in all this. To be ready to just sit at his feet and listen to what Jesus is saying though it all.

I hope all have a great week. Whether you have kids going back to school or just trying to get everything done. We're all in this together and we'll all get through it together too.


Family Ministries Survey
As the school year is getting underway we are wanted to be sure we're looking into the best options for what families are looking for when it comes to education, fellowship and service opportunities through Grace. We know there is probably a wide variety of comfort levels when it comes to our families along with many adjustments that families are needing to do just to get through the school year. We want to be sure what we offer to the families is something they are all looking for and ready for. Please take some time to fill out the survey below to share your insight and interests in programming this coming year.

Thank you
Build your own Bouquet
Family Fellowship Event
The summer series has been "In the Garden with Grace." We've looked at the gardens in scripture. I thought a great way to end the summer would be to bring people together to a garden where we can pick flowers and create something beautiful.

Every one is invited to a family fellowship event we're doing together in September. South of town our highway 68 there is a farm called Valley Veggies. Valley Veggies is a farmers market that is open seven days a week. Another thing the offer is build your own bouquets. for $8.00 your able to cut and arrange your own flower arrangements there at the farm choosing flowers from their gardens. My family went down last year to try it out and it was a blast. The owner Terri was super helpful and we were able to put together an awesome arrangement. Pictures of what we were able to make can be seen below.

I'm encouraging families to sign up and give it a try. If whole families want to come out and make one together that is great. If dad's want to bring their kids out to make an arrangement for mom that is awesome too. Or even if someone wants to come out on their own fellowship with some other members and make an arrangement for a stranger, loved one or themselves I think that's a great idea also.

The plan is to have people meet in the Grace Parking Lot at 1:30pm September 12th and we'll all drive out together to Valley Veggies. Valley Veggies is located at 52727 MN-68, Lake Crystal, MN 56055 and is about a 15 minute drive from church. Located on the left side of highway 68 traveling towards New Ulm from Mankato.
Date: Saturday September 12, 2020

Meet in Parking Lot at Church at 1:30 and will travel out together to Valley Veggies

Cost: Will need $8.00 to pay to Valley Veggies for the Bouquet. 

Mask will need to be worn at Valley Veggies along with physical distancing practices observed.

“Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these."
Luke 12:27
Fair Trade Coffee
Missing fellowship after service and the delicious fair trade coffee? All fair trade/organic coffee is now $7 a bag, including our fellowship blend. It's a course ground blend perfect for french press!  

Your choice of Sisters' Blend, Love Buzz, Breakfast Blend, Mind Body and Soul, And Fellowship Blend now only $7 a bag.  

Stop by the church office to get yours today!
Find more information about Mankato Fair Trade Products and their Mission by clicking the link below

Zoom Bible Study
***Bible Study this Thursday***

Join us Thursday September 3rd 8:00pm

All Are Welcome!
As a community of Christ we share in each others joys and pains. Before we dive into the word each week we share we share our joys and pains with each other using the Rose Analogy.

  • We look for the Rose in our lives - A highlight, success, small win or something positive that's happening.

  • We look for a Thorn in our lives - A challenge you are experiencing or something you can use more support with.

  • And we look for the Bud in our lives - A new Idea that has bloomed or something you are looking forward to knowing more about or experiencing


This Thursday we continue to move forward in Acts.
We'll be looking at Acts 19:1 - 20:12

"In the Name of Jesus"

One question to be thinking about coming into the bible study is:
How would you like to see the power of God revealed in your community?"


Thursday Bible Study

Zoom Meeting ID 857 5766 8823

Time 8:00 pm Thursday
Every week will have the same meeting ID
Connect with us
Worshiping Together
I hope all have been able to continue to worship with us at Grace. It has been great to see people join into the Facebook Watch Parties Sunday mornings at 9:55am. Our goal is to ways make worship enjoyable and accessibly to everyone in their homes whether it be though Facebook, YouTube, Radio or KTV. There are many ways you can join in and we hope that you're able to find the way that best fits for you right now until we all can once again meet together for worship at Grace. If you are having troubles getting connected to any of that please reach out and we'd love to help you out getting connected.

Every Sunday we will be hosting a Facebook Watch Party Sunday mornings starting at 9:55am so we can all participate in worship together at the same time if you have Facebook

If you don't have Facebook the worships will still be available on KTOE Sunday mornings at 10:00 and the rebroadcast on KTV. We will also continue to share the link to where they can be found on YouTube. Our goal is that everyone will still have an opportunity to worship with Grace.
September 6th, 2020 Worship
In-Person Worship Opportunity!!!
Sign up below to host an in-person worship at your home. Group sizes will be around 10 people to allow physical distancing. There will be a devotion lead by Pastor John and there will also be communion served. This is a great way to still get together with others while the council explores the next steps to safely meet again in person at Grace in the sanctuary.
Zoom Coffee Hour
Every Sunday after the worship is done on Facebook (approx 10:50) we will be having a Zoom Coffee Hour. It's been fantastic to be able to see some familiar faces from Grace and chat a bit. Even if you weren't able to be with everyone while worship was streamed on Facebook you are more than welcomed to join for the coffee hour.

MEETING ID 886 4204 9605
Communion Available
You can now bring communion home with you. Pre-consecrated elements are available at the church. You can stop in to pick it up and bring home to have during service on Sunday morning. If you can't make it in let us know and we can bring it to you and drop off during the week.

If you'd like also you can make your own communion bread at home. Check out the link below for a great recipe.

There is an easy way to continue to give to Grace. You can now text any amount you want to give to 507-607-7337. After a few very easy steps you can submit giving right from your phone. We thank you for your support to the mission and ministry of Grace Lutheran Church.
Christ in our Home
Many of you may be unable to get a copy of Christ In Our Home from the church as you normally would.

During this time we are making it available to you digitally, paper copies are still available at Grace and can be picked up. If you stop to pick one up please do wear a mask while in the church building.
Pray Together
Lord God,

There are so many things that are in our path daily. So many things to do and remember. Help us to be sure you are a focus among all of that. We lift you up in praise just as you hold us through all that we have to do.
Check out this Video!
I've enjoyed Jeremy Camp's music for quite some time. He's released a variety of different styles of music. Some has been more rocky music and some has been much more of a contemporary worship style. Through out the last few months he's been releasing a lot of videos of him and his wife doing music together. I've really enjoyed hearing this new music. This is a video that just came out last week.
I love the message in this song also. During this time of business and adjustments we have a God that we can call on to hold us through whatever may come.
Whatever May Come - Jeremy and Adrienne Camp