January 24th 2022
Greetings Grace Members and Friends

A lot can be said about New Year's Resolutions. I’ve never really been one to make them. I of course like to think at the beginning of the year what can I do to improve myself, but I never really say this is the year that I do this. For one thing it’s hard to stick to it and I don’t need that kind of pressure in my life. I put plenty of pressure on myself with other things.

This year though I am trying something new. The thing I’m trying new is to try new things. I think things are starting off pretty good for that. A lot of my daughter's friends ski so we’ve been talking about that a lot this winter. It’s something she’s thought about doing and something I’ve always thought has seemed fun. I don’t think I’ve skied since the mid 90’s. I was recently given some skis and decided last week was the time to try it out. Last Monday it was a pretty nice day outside and one of our young members who gives lessons at Mount Kato was willing to spend some time teaching me. I got everything on at my car and meandered my way towards the slopes. I found just getting on the boots and snow pants and making my way towards the lift ticket booth that I was already exhausted. I found Connor and we made our way to the ski lift. The lift came by and up we went. Success… I wasn’t even sure I’d make it on the ski lift. Now was time to get off the ski lift. I stood up successfully but then didn’t know how to stop. Down I went. That seemed like the most efficient way to stop at the time. We made our way to the hill that Connor says he likes to teach people on. We started making our way down. Formed a pizza slice with the skids and slowly made our way down the hill. Turning was tough but I kind of understood. I made it most of the way down the hill without falling but I did. I got back up though and kept going. We made it all the way and back up the chair lift we went. This time I made it off the chairlift safely and came to a stop that didn’t involve me falling. I was gaining some confidence. Down the hill we went again. This time making it farther than the last time without falling. When I eventually did fall I’m pretty sure a 4 year old zipped by looking at me with a smile and a wave as I lay on a blanket of snow strategically trying to figure out how I was going to stand up. Making my way up the hill a third time I ended up falling pretty hard getting off the chairlift. That fall hurt and I thought, “I’ve had a pretty good run I think I’ll call it a night”. We slowly made our way back to the bottom of the hill and slowly across the parking lot back to my car. I eventually figured out how to get my boots off and I went. I was in a bit of pain after my ski experience but I’m so glad I tried something new. I’m excited to try it again sometime when I get in a little bit better shape.  

This year I have more new things I’m trying out that I’m so excited for. I’m going to be donating blood for the first time here at Grace in February. I want to try snowshoeing and this next weekend I’ll be trying out Curling with friends from Grace. You can see more about our curling event below. I’d love to have you join us. I will probably fall on the ice but I’ll smile, get back up and try again. I’m excited to try out some new things this year and I encourage you all to also. Let me know what you’re trying out and what you thought. Maybe it’ll be something we can do together. Anybody ever want to try out one of those two person bikes?

Have a great week

Ben Geer
Sign up by Wednesday
January 26th

"Out with Grace"
at the Mankato Curling Club
Sunday January 30th
12:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
All ages are invited to come and join others for a fun filled afternoon of curling.

We will meet up at the Mankato Curling Club (600 Hope St, Mankato, MN 56001) at Noon for a Potluck lunch followed by instructions on how to curl from the folks at the club. We then get to spend as much time as we want curling together until 3:00.

All equipment will be provided by the Curling Club. 

What should you bring?
  • Clean pair of athletic shoes (carried into the club to keep dirt and salt off the ice.)
  • Warm, loose fitting clothing. The rink temperature is about 40F. We suggest dressing in layers.
  • Insurance liability waivers
  • Ice is slippery and hard, we ask all participants to sign insurance waivers before going onto the ice. If a Participant does not wish to sign a waiver they are welcome to watch from the viewing area. They will not be allowed to participate in the on-ice part of the event.
  • Waivers can be downloaded and signed in advance. Otherwise we will have waivers at the club. Minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

  • Stretchy or loose fitting pants that allow for freedom of movement and modesty.
  • Food and beverages for potluck
  • A desire to have fun! 

Cost for this event will be $10 per person

All ages and abilities are welcome. If some have knee, back or hip problems, they can use an alternate deliver technique from a standing position.

Space is limited to 30 people.
2022 National Youth Gathering Sponsorship Fundraiser
At the end of July we have 10 youth and 2 adults going together to the ELCA National Youth Gathering In Minneapolis MN. Every three years around 30,000 youth from all over the country join together for a week of fellowship, service, learning and worship.
We are blessed to have this just up the road from us this year.  

There is still quite a bit of a cost for this when you add everything. The Gathering registration itself costs $350 dollars then you have to add in hotel, transportation and food.

In efforts to keep the trip affordable for all students that want to go we rely on the generosity of friends and members of Grace. Through your generosity in the past it's helped provide the opportunity for many kids to experience National Youth Gatherings, Mission Trip and Boundary waters trip.

Consider making a donation to the youth this year. The link below takes you to a google form where you can make a pledge to give a donation for a certain part of the trip. You can fill out the form or print it out and send or drop a donation off at the church. Forms can also be picked up in the narthex as well as the church office.

Every little bit helps in this amazing trip for the Youth.

Thank you for your support.
South Central Minnesota
Food Recovery
Jump into the new year and help out at the wooden spoon with the South Central Minnesota Food Recovery. We’ll be starting up events at Grace too in the coming weeks but there are times where you can sign up to help out at Wooden Spoon.
Red Cross Blood Drive
Friday February 4th, 2022
12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

2 Power Red Spots remining
Power Red Types O, A-, B- Eligible

Sponsor Code : gracekato

When you Sign-up online you will get a $10 Gift card from Amazon. Check out this devotional about donating blood. Click HERE
Sign up soon as we will be securing permits January 26th

2022 Friends and Family Grace Boundary Waters Trip
July 9th - 13th, 2022
It might be tough to thinking about paddling through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) as we sit here still waiting for our first substantial snowfall of the winter. But I'm excited to announce that we're planning on going once again in July of 2022. We're calling this trip the a friends and family trip and is a trip for all ages. Signup with a friend, a family member or just yourself. Space will be limited to two groups of 9 as long as we can find a leader for the second camp. Ben will be the leader of one of the groups.

This trip will be good for all ages and skill levels. We will plan on paddling in from Entry point 38 on Sawbill Lake. On Sawbill there are 13 campsites to get to without ever taking a portage. With a short 471 foot portage we can make our way to Alton Lake where there are another 16 campsites.

This Boundary Waters trip will be four nights. One night will be spent out of the boundary waters and three night will be spent camping along side one of the lakes.

Any person signed up for the trip under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult willing to be responsible for them.

Trip Dates: July 9th - 13th
Cost: $200
Transportation: Carpooling will be an option

Cost of trip includes:
  • Planning
  • Outfitting
  • Food
  • Devotionals
  • Background check if there are minors under 18 also going on trip

Register below separately each person going with you if multiple.

If you would like to learn more about the trip or if you have any questions you can contact Ben at 507-524-3254.
2022 Vacation Bible School
Wade in the Water
June 6th - 10th, 2022
Wednesday Night Schedule
January 26th 2022

5:15 - 6:00 Meal
6:00 - 6:45 Service/Education
6:45-7:30 Worship


This week's lesson:

Tuesday Night Zoom
Bible Study
Tuesday January 25th 2022
7:00 pm on Zoom

All Are Welcome!

Our Zoom Bible Study Started in March of 2020 at the start of the Covid Pandemic. It was a great way for us to stay connected, meet safely, and study the word of God. Since then it has continued to be a great way to get together. It has been great to get together just as you are. Whether you choose to get cozy in you pajamas, have some snacks or maybe even a drink during our time together. It is great because you do not even have to leave the house to get together with others.
The study we focus on is on Daily Faith Practices and the Bible Study material is provided by the ELCA. Each week we will spend some time chatting and sharing some highlights and lowlights from our week as we are gathered in fellowship. Following that we will spend time diving into a study each week. Each week we will gather over zoom for about an hour.
We have a great group of folks that gather each week and we hope you will consider joining us for this time of bible study and fellowship. All are Welcome whether you have joined us in the past or not.
We hope to see you soon

Worshiping Together

Our Facebook live stream is a great way to gather with others(although virtually)as we are all part of this assembly as we gather as the one body of Christ to chat, share a greeting of peace and worship together. A live stream of our worship is broadcasted every Sunday morning at 10:00 and is 50-60 minutes long.

If you do not have Facebook worship is will still be available on KTOE Sunday mornings at 10:00 and the rebroadcast on KTV Tuesday at 1:00 pm and again Wednesday at 7:15 pm. Past worships can also be found on YouTube and our Website. Our goal is that everyone will still have an opportunity to worship with us at Grace.

All the past worship services can be found by going to

January 23rd, 2022 Worship
In-Person Worship

We acknowledge that the risks of this pandemic are not over, and if you are unsure about being in the building, we encourage you to stay home and worship with us from a distance. If you enjoy worshipping from home, we encourage you to continue to do just that. We have opened our doors again but we encourage people to do what is best for your family right now. We want to offer the opportunity for everyone to connect with their faith in ways that are meaningful and meet you where you are. For now, we are glad you can be here with us, whether you are watching live on Facebook, listening on KTOE radio, following along on YouTube or KTV in Mankato. Even as we have returned to holding worship in our building, we will continue to provide these means of participating with us from a distance including a livestream on Facebook. 

However you participate, now and in the future, we believe you are a part of this assembly, gathered as the one body of Christ to worship and celebrate our life of faith together.
Christ in our Home

Christ In Our Home are still available here at Grace. You can stop in and pick on up anytime during church office hours.

Fair Trade Coffee

Stop by and see what's available on the Fair Trade Cart

All Decaf Coffee is $5.00.

All other coffee is priced as marked from $7.50 - $9.00.

Find more information about Mankato Fair Trade Products and their Mission by clicking the link below

Check out this Video!
Live Like You’re Loved by Hawk Nelson

Amazon Smile

Many of us has been spending more time shopping online. When shopping with amazon there is an easy way to help raise a donation go to Grace. When shopping through a web browser you can follow the link below and it's easy to set up. It's also super easy to get set up on a mobile device through the Amazon App. When signed into your account in the app in settings there is a section called "Programs and Features" in that sections you can click on AmazonSmile. I that section you can select your charity. You can search Grace Lutheran Church Mankato or type 41-6006451.

When you #StartWithaSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Grace Lutheran Church. Bookmark the link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/41-6006451  and support us every time you shop.

You still get the same prices and you can still use your Prime account, but when you start by using this link above, Amazon will donate a portion of the price back to Grace.

Thanks for supporting Grace.
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