Staying Connected
A couple years ago I discovered I really enjoy podcasts. Podcasts have gained in popularity the last few years and it seems like you can find one about just about anything. In fact Pastor John and I have actually talked about starting one. Could be a weekly or a monthly podcast or anything. It’s a fun idea we've talked about where we could tell dad jokes, talk about God, raising daughters, what we've eaten for dinner the past week or really just about anything. A few titles have been thrown out there too. We thought it could be a morning podcast and call it "Dawn of the Dad" or "Dads of Grace." If this is something folks would be interested in listening to let us know and maybe we can get something going with it. But I've found some Podcast that I really enjoy and I've even gotten Betsy to start listening to podcast. She listens to different ones that I do though. I enjoy one that's a re-watch podcast of The Office where a couple actors discuss each episode. I've also enjoyed some NPR podcast and some done by Conan O'Brian.
A new podcast I've just started listening to is call the CripesCast which is one done by Charlie Barens who is a Wisconsin comedian and the creator of the Manitowoc Minutes. His podcast can be a bit different than some of the other material he puts out there. He's not afraid to discuss some more sensitive material that some may or may not agree with. I had a long car ride this morning so I was listening to his latest episode and he having a conversation with Steven Olikara who is the founder Millennial Action Project(MAP) which is a nonpartisan organization of millennial lawmakers in the U.S working with over 1,500 elected leaders in Congress and State legislatures. MAP is building a new generation of leadership to bridge divides and strengthen our democracy. So often when you open up Facebook or any other social media you can be bombarded with so much news and everybody has different views of the news and different opinions. It can be tough to look at so often. I enjoyed their conversation as they talked about how to bridge those divides and one thing that was said I found really interesting and I had to rewind the podcast to make sure I heard it right. They said, "Diversity becomes our strength." I thought how true that was. Especially in the church. As I've grown in the last 10 months working at Grace and full time in ministry it's such a good thing to know. Without the diversity, how can we grow? Yes it's easier to get along with like-minded people but where's the fun and challenge in that, and how can there be effective change made. When diverse people with different views can respectfully work together towards a change no matter what a political view on a subject, progress can be made. Something was talked about in our zoom Thursday night bible study a few weeks ago where it was said when tearing down the walls between us to properly communicate it's your wall that needs to come down. That really stuck me too and had to write that down to remember it.
I tell the kids I do music with Tuesday mornings be kind to each other smile and we can all get along.

God is love and we can reflect that love to others. Have a great week folks.
Pumpkin Carving Fellowship and Devotional Event
Sunday October 25th
1:30 PM
Do you and your family love carving pumpkins but hate the mess? Are you looking for a chance to get out and see some other Grace families that you have been missing? Then you'll want to consider this opportunity.

This event families will gather together with other families and carve pumpkins here at Grace. Along with being able to carve pumpkins we'll have a family devotional we can all do together as well. Stations will be set up throughout the fellowship hall so families can keep their physical distancing from each other. Space is limited in sanctuary so if there is a lot of interest in event will possibly have to have a second time for it.

Date: Sunday October 25th, 2020
Time: 1:30pm
Fee: Free will donation, Suggested Donation $4.00 per pumpkin requested.
All ages are welcome. Come with kids or without. We'd love to see anybody that wants to join us.

Please sign up by Sunday October 18th so we know how many pumpkins to have ready for event.

Reach out to Ben with any question.
Family Ministries/Education
If you still haven't had a chance to fill out our family ministries survey you can access that below. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the best way to go forward with education during these very different times.
While we're still deciding the best way to meet safely in person for events and Faith Formation Education we want to make the Sunday School lessons available for families. These lessons follow along with the narrative lectionary and will tie into the readings and sermon each week for worship. Below are links to the lessons.
Confirmation will be starting Wednesday October 7th at 6:00. Our first confirmation meeting will be for the students are the Yunkers home. An email has been sent out to families about this and Ben will be calling families in the coming weeks.

High School Youth Group will meet that same night as they can join the confirmation students at 6:40 for campfire and conversation. We'll discuss future events for fellowship and service. Bring a friend or two.

Social distancing and mask will be needed at these events.
A family Ministries Team will being formed soon. If this is something you'd be interested in getting involved with reach out to Ben. I've already got a list of people in mind too, so be prepared some of you may be receiving a phone call soon. :)
Adopt a Highway
Saturday September 26th
Our fall adopt a highway event is scheduled for this Saturday September 26th.
Back up date will be the Sunday the 27th.

We will meet in the parking lot at Grace before heading out to our two mile stretch on Highway 83 between Mankato and St Clair.

We thank Sam Anderson for leading this event once again. For those that want afterwards there will be Pie, Root Beer Floats and Ice Cream. (I heard the pie is world famous)

Let Sam know if you can make it. You can call or text him at 507.382.9107
Being able to do these highway cleanups is a great way to care for creation. We are called to be stewards of the earth. Ascension Lutheran Church in Vermont had a worship service this past week that talks about the climate crisis. This was shared to us by a member from Grace that still has strong ties to Ascension. As you consider joining us for the highway clean up you can also check out is service.
Fair Trade Coffee
Missing fellowship after service and the delicious fair trade coffee? All fair trade/organic coffee is now $7 a bag, including our fellowship blend. It's a course ground blend perfect for french press!  

Your choice of Sisters' Blend, Love Buzz, Breakfast Blend, Mind Body and Soul, And Fellowship Blend now only $7 a bag.  

Stop by the church office to get yours today!
Find more information about Mankato Fair Trade Products and their Mission by clicking the link below

Zoom Bible Study
***Bible Study this Thursday***

Join us Thursday September 24th 8:00pm

All Are Welcome!

Our Study on Acts has 5 weeks remaining. Following the study on Acts we will start a new study about Parables starting October 29th
As a community of Christ we share in each others joys and pains. Before we dive into the word each week we share we share our joys and pains with each other using the Rose Analogy.

  • We look for the Rose in our lives - A highlight, success, small win or something positive that's happening.

  • We look for a Thorn in our lives - A challenge you are experiencing or something you can use more support with.

  • And we look for the Bud in our lives - A new Idea that has bloomed or something you are looking forward to knowing more about or experiencing


This Thursday we continue to move forward in Acts.
We'll be looking at Acts 21:1 - 22:21

"Facing Opposition"

One question to be thinking about coming into the bible study is:
When have you been warned that something you were about to do could be dangerous? How did you feel? What did you do?


Thursday Bible Study

Zoom Meeting ID 857 5766 8823

Time 8:00 pm Thursday
Every week will have the same meeting ID
Connect with us
Worshiping Together
I hope all have been able to continue to worship with us at Grace. It has been great to see people join into the Facebook Watch Parties Sunday mornings at 9:55am. Our goal is to ways make worship enjoyable and accessibly to everyone in their homes whether it be though Facebook, YouTube, Radio or KTV. There are many ways you can join in and we hope that you're able to find the way that best fits for you right now until we all can once again meet together for worship at Grace. If you are having troubles getting connected to any of that please reach out and we'd love to help you out getting connected.

Every Sunday we will be hosting a Facebook Watch Party Sunday mornings starting at 9:55am so we can all participate in worship together at the same time if you have Facebook

If you don't have Facebook the worships will still be available on KTOE Sunday mornings at 10:00 and the rebroadcast on KTV. We will also continue to share the link to where they can be found on YouTube. Our goal is that everyone will still have an opportunity to worship with Grace.
September 20th, 2020 Worship
In-Person Worship Opportunity!!!
Sign up below to host an in-person worship at your home. Group sizes will be around 10 people to allow physical distancing. There will be a devotion lead by Pastor John and there will also be communion served. This is a great way to still get together with others while the council explores the next steps to safely meet again in person at Grace in the sanctuary.
Zoom Coffee Hour
Every Sunday after the worship is done on Facebook (approx 10:50) we will be having a Zoom Coffee Hour. It's been fantastic to be able to see some familiar faces from Grace and chat a bit. Even if you weren't able to be with everyone while worship was streamed on Facebook you are more than welcomed to join for the coffee hour.

MEETING ID 886 4204 9605
Communion Available
You can now bring communion home with you. Pre-consecrated elements are available at the church. You can stop in to pick it up and bring home to have during service on Sunday morning. If you can't make it in let us know and we can bring it to you and drop off during the week.

If you'd like also you can make your own communion bread at home. Check out the link below for a great recipe.

There is an easy way to continue to give to Grace. You can now text any amount you want to give to 507-607-7337. After a few very easy steps you can submit giving right from your phone. We thank you for your support to the mission and ministry of Grace Lutheran Church.
Christ in our Home
Many of you may be unable to get a copy of Christ In Our Home from the church as you normally would.

During this time we are making it available to you digitally, paper copies are still available at Grace and can be picked up. If you stop to pick one up please do wear a mask while in the church building.
Pray Together
Lord God,

Help the world find unity with all. Although everybody may not agree at times we all know we have a God of Love and we should Love like God.
Check out this Video!

Holy Water by We the Kingdom