JUNE, 2018
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BK Welcomes 166 New Alumknights!!
On May 26, Bishop Kelly High School's 54th Commencement Exercises welcomed 166 new graduates, which joined the ranks of our over 7,000 Alumknights! 

Here are a few stats from the Class of 2018 to be extremely proud of:
  • 99% are “going on” to 74 different colleges in 29 states, and Canada. 95% are going to four-year colleges/universities.
  • The class of 2018 was accepted to 167 schools in 39 states and 4 countries (England, Scotland, Italy, Canada)
  • Over $16.5M in merit-based scholarships has been awarded to our graduates.
  • They have mean SAT and ACT scores among the top 10% of schools in the country.
  • 53 of 166 graduating seniors have a 4.0 GPA or greater and 31 graduated with greater than a 3.75 GPA.
  • Two commended and one National Merit finalist.
  • They received a record # of athletic scholarships - 23
  • A record eight academic state championships and five athletic state championships.
  • They have given over 6,000 Community Service hours.

“The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse.” —Edward Koch

Alumknight SPOTLIGHT: Jelli for all!
Say Hello to Michael Dougherty , BK Class of '89 and Founder & CEO of Jelli . We recently chatted with Mike to learn more about his story and success, and this is what he shared with us: 

What is Jelli? 
Jelli is the largest audio ad platform - we are the technology that powers the business model that keeps music listening free. We work with all the major radio groups and reach over 270 million people every month, more than Google or Facebook! We are a technology company with offices in Silicon Valley, Boise and New York. We are growing rapidly and have raised $46 million of venture capital to date from great investors like First Round Capital (investor in Uber), Relay Ventures, Intel Capital, iHeartMedia (the largest radio group) and Universal Music Group (the largest record label).

How did Jelli come to be?
I was at Microsoft working on an unrelated strategic project, and learned how big the radio industry is, both in terms of listening but also the size of the market, which is $18 billion just in the United States. However, I also learned that the technology that is used in the radio industry is very antiquated. It was clear that it would be a huge opportunity to start a company to develop software to help the industry evolve to compete in the era of Google and Facebook.

How did your experience at Bishop Kelly High School shape you into the person you are today?
BK taught me many things -- how to focus, how to accept challenges head on, what it means to be on a team, how to develop amazing friendships that spanned all sorts of personal backgrounds. But the most important thing BK did for me was provide self-confidence to go for it. It led me to try to do bigger things in my life than I would have done otherwise. I really appreciate that about my experience at BK.

How did your time at BK help you write your success story?
BK truly was a launching pad for me. The school provided me with so many opportunities.
The academics were the foundation, of course. But so was the chance to play sports all four years, and participate in student government. It prepared me well to attend Harvard, and then I drew from some of these experiences in my professional life. I would not be where I am today without my time at Bishop Kelly.

Which BK teacher was your biggest inspiration?
There were so many - Mrs. Brown sparked my interest in learning. Mr. Krewer gave me confidence to think big. Sister Lilian forced us all to bring our A-game every day, which was a life lesson. Mr. Bate cultivated my interest in liberal arts and creative writing. All of these experiences made me who I am today.

What is your fondest memory of Bishop Kelly?
I remember the long “Hoosier” bus rides with our basketball team to play against these little towns all over Idaho. Some of my best friends from BK were on those buses. Plus there were great stories: the time we had to have (practically) an armed guard driving out of the Kuna parking lot; the time we drove to the little town of Fruitland expecting a small town operation, and found instead this huge modern gym, a mecca to basketball, with a crowd of crazy locals to match. So many great memories and stories from those bus rides and towns.

What is your advice for current BK students and our young, aspiring entrepreneurs?  
Boise has an amazing technology community that is growing. Startups and technology companies need great talent who have educations in STEM, and especially computer science. BK can be a feeder to this community and allow Boise to grow into a true tech hub.

Tech jobs are great careers, too. Technology companies are driving growth in our economy and will be attractive employers for decades to come.

Anything else you wish to add? 
BK remains a big part of my life. As Jelli launched our office in Boise, it was great to make alumni connections who helped us grow in Boise. Our shared experience of Bishop Kelly created an instant bond that went a long way to our Silicon Valley-based company feeling welcome in Boise.
from Rendering...
to Reality...
Expanding to serve the growing spiritual, academic, and co-curricular needs of our BK students!
Take a tour of the Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing currently under construction here on the BK campus. This state-of-the-art facility is on track to open for the start of the 2018-2019 school year this August!
St. Teresa's Academy Lives on in Our Hearts
Saint Teresa’s Academy was established in 1890 by the Sisters of the Holy Cross as a high school and boarding school for young women. Later, St. Joseph’s School was built to offer Catholic education to the young men of the Boise City area, with an elementary school occupying the lower level and a high school on the upper floor. In 1933, the two high schools joined to form the co-ed St. Teresa’s Academy, which educated both Catholic and non-Catholic students until it closed in 1964. That fall, Bishop Kelly High School opened its doors, and many students from St. Teresa's made the move to BK; including Julie Lachiondo (Lliteras), Class of '67, who so graciously gifted this beautiful framed watercolor painting of St. Teresa's Academy.
Alumknight & Friends Annual Golf Scramble
Are you a hacker, a sandbagger, or are you ready to join the pro circuit? All single to triple digit handicap golfers are welcome to join us for a day of fun in the sun at our Annual Alumknight & Friends Golf Scramble - Friday, September 21 - 9am Shotgun Start at Quail Hollow Golf Course. 

Thought for the Day:
"There are two things you can do with your head down - Golf and Pray"
Excited to celebrate these class milestones!
Class of '97 enjoying last years reunion weekend...
Class of '77 lookin' good!
Break out the Sunglasses... Our Future is BRIGHT!
In 2010 the “Profile of a BK Graduate” became an important guide that helps the Bishop Kelly community shape our roadmap for the future. The Profile of a BK Graduate is reflected in every goal of our strategic plan. From enhancing our spiritual and learning environment to creating opportunities for each of our students to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities, the development of our students in the Catholic tradition – spirit, mind, and body – drives us as we move forward.  By contributing to the Kelly Pride Fund, members of our community provide the financial support that ensures the continued brightness of our future.  The Kelly Pride Fund focuses on involving as many people in our community as possible by inviting you to make a gift that is within your philanthropic budget. Whether you are a new Alumknight giving your class year amount of $20.18, or a longtime supporter adding a few zeros in front of that decimal point, every gift to Bishop Kelly makes a BIG difference – especially yours! Become the bright glare... please make your gift today... 
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