July is typically a busy month at Chicago Lights, having young people with us all day for Summer Day classes, Career Development internships, and the Dance Academy’s summer intensive. 

This July may look a little different this year, but we're just as busy, having shifted much of our programming online. Chicago Lights--with help from supporters like you--remains connected to our students as we continue to respond to their most pressing needs.

A study from Northwest Evaluation Association predicts that because of the pandemic, students will have made only 50–70% of the academic progress achieved in a typical school year, and “isolation will leave many students with social and emotional scars and lasting trauma."

Chicago Lights is here to help reduce the increased summer learning gap and provide a virtual, safe space for students to learn.

Summer Day kicked off this week for four weeks of engagement in math, reading, financial literacy, and Spanish, plus meditation and fine arts. What are siblings Sydney, Jaedon, and Autumn most looking forward to? Meeting friends, learning a new language, and building confidence.
Summer Day virtual Autumn
"Summer Day is important to me because it keeps me from being alone. I am home, but I feel like I can still talk to others. It's important to learn over the summer so that your brain doesn't rot. I'm looking forward to not being bored and talking to others."

Autumn, 2nd Grade
Summer Day virtual Jaedon
"We still need to learn even while school is out. It will help us grow up to be smarter. You will lose knowledge if you don't learn over the summer and you will not be as sharp for your next grade. I look forward to meeting new friends with my same interests and how fast my confidence in speaking is improving."

Jaedon, 4th Grade
"I am looking forward to learning another language and interacting with others to improve my social skills. This is important during this pandemic to keep us busy. We should learn something over the summer because of the excessive free time we have."

Sydney, 9th Grade
This programming is not possible without supporters like you. Your generosity is making a difference in the lives of students like Sydney, Jaedon, and Autumn. Please make a gift today to ensure that Summer Day and the other enriching programs of Chicago Lights can continue to build brighter futures during these uncertain times.
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Stacy Jackson
Stacy Jackson
Executive Director
Black lives matter to Chicago Lights. We are working to ensure that Chicago Lights is not only not racist, but that we are decidedly anti-racist.

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