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Pandemic Updates
April 27 - May 3
"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
Here are this week's updates of news & resources.

"I am a primary care doctor who has recovered from — and who treats — opiate addiction. These two experiences offer me a clear view of how these two epidemics — COVID-19 and opioid addiction — can impact and worsen each other."

 Read Dr. Peter Grinspoon's perspective on the intersection of these two epidemics.

Many of Detroit’s young people have dealt with trauma — from crime, poverty, abuse, environmental issues, and currently with the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a reality that causes immeasurable disruptions in learning. Read what a group of Detroit teens are doing to help the healing during COVID-19 and beyond.

A breakdown of what is closed and what remains open or has adapted its services in response to COVID-19.

High Focus Centers is a premier provider of outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction, mental health, and eating disorders. At High Focus Centers, no two treatment plans are alike. Learn more about their services:

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau offers advice on how to manage financial responsibilities during this uncertain time.
Be well. Stay well. Stay strong.
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