Fundemonium is your FUN and SAFE Joy Store!
Stay at Home Again, Have Fun at Home
Well the Stay at Home order has been extended into February. At Fundemonium we can help you fight off the Winter Blahs, the House Crazies, and the Cabin Fever.

Save one of your essential shopping trips to pick up some nourishment for your imagination and your soul at Fundemonium. We have creative projects, family games, radio control toys, and of course puzzles.

Jennifer sent us a review that sums up how we strive to help:

"The R/C cars I got my sons are the best! 

Such a hit. It's all screens all the time but getting an 18 year old and 11 year old outside, in the mud and laughing in the midst of this hell is a gift!"

We are here to serve you with safety, caring service, and FUN seven days a week.
We are open for essential FUN.
Don't succumb to Covid-Couch; Play, Create, and have FUN.
We are open and SAFE
The new Health Order requires retail stores to limit occupancy to 20%. Fundemonium is BIG; 20% occupancy for us is over 40 people and we easily stay below that level.

You can shop in-store; you can call for curbside pick-up; or you can request local shipping. We work to serve you.
New Items at Fundemonium!
8Bit Attack
Control a gallant 8-bit hero in this manic co-operative battle game, drawing heroes and monsters from a variety of universes.

Defeat enemies, gain superpowers and complete the gauntlet of challenges to face the toughest boss of them all, Cthulhu!
Warhammer 40K Bastion Platoon
Looking to join the Astra Militarum, or add some extra oomph to an existing army?

We still have the Bastion Platoon in stock here at Fundemonium!
Unicorn Fever
Take role of a unicorn-race wagerer, determined to hold the Unicorn Racing Championship by any means necessary. You can reach out to the citizens of the fairy realm to help rig the game in your favor.

Will you take the championship, or will lofty ambitions find you indebted to the elf mafia?
Dementor 1/8 scale stunt truck
Are you ready for flaming Dementors?

The Dementor 1/8th scale 6s stunt truck is back in stock at Fundemonium with a flaming new body. It is capable of wheelies, flips, and up to 70mph!
Mission Models paint
We got tired of waiting for Revell paint (we are still getting it someday).

Mission Models is a well regarded paint line manufactured in the USA with a warehouse in California.

Come check out the colors at Fundemonium.
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Steven and Jean Elliott