Welcome Back to School
Creating meaningful connections, even at a distance, for the kids who need us most

Hello LLA Friends,

We know that school districts, teachers, families, and students are struggling to find connection while distance learning, so we are finding ways to create it. It’s the only way our students will succeed.

This summer we learned a lot - Bring on Fall 2020

Wifi and hardware access are just as necessary as food, water, and shelter. Because we provide our students with computers and wifi at home, they are able to study, job search, seek housing, apply for healthcare, and research postsecondary opportunities. As new students arrive at LLA it is vital that we offer them the equipment and supplies necessary to thrive.

We knew we needed to keep our students engaged over the summer, so we launched a Virtual Employment Program. We paid students to hone marketable skills and participate in online internships, and they loved it. We had over 90% participation all summer. It was so successful, we are continuing Virtual Employment in the fall.

Our dorm has remained open and fully staffed. We continue to welcome students into the dorm as it makes sense for them and their families. The students who have sheltered in the dorm work, cook, and eat together, take care of their home, and take pride in preparing meal kits for their community. Our meal kit delivery program, which we implemented at the beginning of shelter-in-place and are continuing through distance learning, enables our families to reallocate grocery money to pay other household bills.
Our students and families are hit hardest by the pandemic, so together we are finding ways to navigate these unprecedented times. To learn about ways to get involved see our website here or browse our school-wide Wish List to see how you can support a student, a teacher, or our entire school. Contributions at every level are appreciated.
What is LLA doing this Fall?
Virtual Learning
LLA is providing classes via Zoom, 1:1 tutoring sessions, and wellness check-in's with every student. We are staying connected and committed to meeting our students' needs.
Basic Needs
The dorm has been fully operational and we will continue to participate in meal and care package deliveries to LLA students and families throughout the school year.
Virtual Workforce
Students in our Virtual Workforce Program are paid San Francisco’s required wage to hone their skills in financial literacy, culinary arts, agriculture, and more!
Save The Date
Please look out for our invitation to the November 5th, 2020 fundraiser, you will not want to miss it!
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