Mid-November Continuing Education News
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Education (Masters level)
  • Teacher Facilitation in a Problem Based Learning Class
  • Intro to Humane Education, 3-cr., Online
  • Equitable Math Practice, 3 credits, Online
Nature-based Education (Masters level)
  • Working with Parents and Community,1-cr., online
  • Natural History for Early Childhood: Teaching in Winter, 1-cr. hybrid
  • Business Planning for Nature Preschools, 2-cr, online
Environmental Studies (Masters level)
  • Environmental Dispute Resolution, sec. A, 1-credit, Online
  • Indigenous Knowledge, 2 credits, Online
Couples and Family Therapy (Masters level)
  • Gender in Context: An Intersectional Approach,  3-cr, Online
Clinical Psychology (Doctoral Level)
  • Feminism in Clinical Psychology, 1-cr. online, April 17& 18
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Masters level)
  • Professional Orientation and Ethics, 3-cr, Online

Latino Reflections on Loss, Grief and Ritual
90-Minute Webinar FREE / $15 for CEU's, Fri., Nov. 20, 10:00 a.m. (PT) / 1:00 p.m. (ET)
This didactic and interactional webinar examines the traumatic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the personal and collective minds of Latinos as seen in clinical practice.

1-hour Webinar / FREE Thur. Nov. 19, 4:00 pm (PT) / 7:00 pm (ET) This workshop will demonstrate how simple actions in bringing attention to our body as a whole draws us into the present moment, reducing stress, increasing mindfulness, and self-awareness and overall positive experience.
3-day Online workshop, Jan. 15-17, 11:00 - 6:00 (ET)
This workshop is intended for those wishing to explore the field of dance/movement therapy as a possible career and for those furthering their professional development.  Learn more.

Online workshop, Sat., January 23, 9:00 am - 4:30 (PT) 
This workshop will ground participants in the process of integrating creative arts therapies into their professional settings. Participants will gain a new perspective on the use of play and particularly on improvisation and improvised story as therapeutic tools that embody, express, reflect, and witness.

60-minute Webinar, Saturday, Dec. 5, 1:00 pm (ET), FREE
Enhancing your leadership identity takes strategy and cultivation. Learn tools and techniques for developing your professional identity through effective leadership practices and better understanding of challenges women face in the workplace, along with their unique value and perspective.

This professional certificate in Transformative Change will take an asset-based approach towards what leaders may do to create engaged strategic directions, proactively address disruptive forces, and create new organizational and community drivers of success now and in the future. Transformative change will enact key learning, support application to your own work contexts, and help you evaluate the effectiveness of this change from short-term and long-term perspectives.
Certificate Duration – Three Months, Three Online Courses – Each 3- Weeks Long
Participant Engagement – 4-5 hours per week self-paced, Total Cost: $2100 

The certificate is designed for anyone with an interest in challenging racism at a structural or systemic level within their institutions, organizations or communities. If recent events have moved you to try to understand the dynamics of racism and how you can be part of developing a more equitable society, this Certificate will provide you with key ideas and language for beginning, or continuing, that journey.
Certificate Duration – Three Months, Three Online Courses – Each 3- Weeks Long
Participant Engagement – 4-5 hours per week self-paced, Total Cost: $2100 

LIVE Webinar, Wednesday Jan. 6, 11:00 am (PT) / 2:00 pm (ET) $25
A condensed version of the Robert Morgan Fisher’s 4-week online course. Learn specific techniques on how to breathe life into both comic and dramatic fiction projects. RMF spent years as a professional comedy writer in radio, TV and film. His many award-winning short stories have been singled out for their adroit use of humor.
Bink a gender non-conforming child plays on a hammock
Four-Part Webinar Series with Adrien Kade Sdao
Class Begins January 16, 2021 / $199
This webinar series will explore gender nonconformity and lgbtqia+ identity in picture books written for children under eight years old. Learn how to craft entertaining, age appropriate stories that are inclusive and affirming of gender nonconforming and lgbtqia+ children, adults, and families.

Confronting Whiteness, Appropriation, and The Racial Imaginary in Writing 
With Kate Carmody & Stephanie Teasley
4-week Online Class / Asynchronous (at your pace, on your time) Jan. 11 - Feb. 7, $199
In this course we will examine how language functions to maintain white supremacy or works to dismantle it. Students will produce reflective writing as well as creative writing.

headshot of Mitchell Thomashow
75-minute webinar, FREE
Monday, Dec.7, 3:00 p.m. (PT) / 6:00 pm (ET)
In To Know the World: A new vision for environmental learning, Mitchell Thomashow proposes that we revitalize, revisit, and reinvigorate how we think about our residency on Earth.

Drs. Kubarek and Johnson will present how engaging in a planning process to develop frameworks of conservation psychology outcomes can set up an organization for success.

60-minute Webinar, Saturday, Nov. 21, 1:00 pm (PT) FREE

90-minute Webinar, Sunday, Nov. 22, 10:00 am (PT) $39.00
The science of breathing and mindfulness practices support our ability to bring the body and mind back to its natural, relaxed state. You have the power to do this in just a few short minutes.
head shot of Linda McShan a middle aged African-American woman
​​Four 1-hour LIVE Interactive Webinars / $99
Saturdays beginning Jan. 16, 10:00 am (Pacific Time) / 1:00 pm (Eastern Time)
When we have a clear understanding of who we are we can overcome anything. How will you understand purpose, and when will you stand in your purpose? Understanding who, what, when and how, will assist you in your journey of purpose.

60-minute LIVE webinar, Wed., Dec.16, 10:00 am (PT) / 1:00 pm (ET), $10
This session will remind you of resources you have called upon to overcome challenges in your life, reigniting confidence to face the future as you realize the treasures of creativity and adaptability you possess.

8-Week Online Course beginning January 12, 2021 / $99
This 7-step process provides a foundation for social and environmental activism. It is a universal process drawn from the world’s great spiritual and secular traditions that is empowered by gratitude, love, mindfulness, diversity and inclusivity. Enrollees through the Antioch portal will be eligible to receive 20 CEUs (Continuing Education Credits).
90-minute Webinar, Sat., Jan. 30, 10:00 am (PT) / 1:00 pm (ET) $39,
With Y. Falami Devoe you will learn how to become your own self-care agent of change and develop a magical sustainable practice. Right now, more than ever, it is important to establish and maintain a consistent self- care practice to support a positive well-being.