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Dear People of Christ Church,

-Join us for our LAST Outdoor Service this Sunday, June 28th with a maximum now of 50 people per service (including leaders) at 8am and 10am. You must register to attend by using the following app: If you have any questions or difficulties, please phone me on my cell 973 647-9845

-July 5th our indoor services will resume with 50 permitted at both 800am and 10am (including leaders). Later on in the week I will be sending out the instructions for participating. You can go ahead and sign up using this app: If you have any questions, phone me on my cell 973 647-9845

- A complete record of all in attendance, including names and contact information (email and phone) shall be kept so as to allow contact tracing later, as needed. If anyone who has attended our service contracts the virus, notify me at once.

-Face masks must be worn and 6 feet physical separation observed.

-No singing or administering of communion is approved at this time.

-All those who are in a risk group should evaluate the safety of attending.

-The bathrooms will remain closed until indoor worship is approved. Each service will last around 30 minutes.

- If anyone planning to attend in-person worship feels ill in any way, they should NOT attend.

-At the close of each service, participants will be instructed to return to their cars and depart. There will be no coffee hour nor tailgating.

-On-line Sunday services will still be posted on our YouTube channel. Please, if you are anxious about public gatherings, join your church family electronically until we get the “all clear” notification from public health authorities.

-Bible study will take place on Thursday, June 25th at 930am. The zoom code is

The Reverend Canon Robert Griner
Rector, Christ Church Newton
Christ Church Newton
62 Main Street - Newton, NJ 07860