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Words to Encourage Your Swimmers to Compete Again
Dear Masters Swimmers,

It’s been a healing experience for our minds and bodies to swim in a pool once again. Thank you for joining me at (pool name).

Most of us became "out of pool-swimming shape" during quarantine. Open water swimming had not trained our muscles used in flip turns, various drills, kicking and sculling. We’ve revisited technique and body positioning in all four strokes. Our bodies are feeling alive and whole again.

Participating in Swim Events

As swimmers, we are more purposeful when swimming fitness events along with others. Participating in this nationwide-effort will connect you with your swimming buddies and competitors, like nothing else can. With this in mind, I ask each of us to get involved in…

  1. 400 Pull for Time. This event (link here) is hosted by SMAC, Sebastopol Masters Aquatic, a team that has almost gone “under” during quarantine. I plead with you to support this valued team in Pacific Masters Swimming by entering this event. We will have opportunity to swim a 400 Pull for Time (coach to set the dates).
  2. USMS Virtual Swim Meet. (link here) Everyone who can snag anytime in a pool can participate in this the USMS Virtual Swim Meet from August 12-23. A few items to be done:
  • Go to
  • Events
  • Virtual Championships
  • Enter with a payment of $20.20
  • The first 1,000 entries will receive a medal, swim cap and decal sticker. You are required to create a account. This is FREE.
  • You can time yourself (or have your coach time you) and then enter your swims with yard times. At Lakeridge Athletic Club, we will be racing on August 22-23 … we will do your 200 race choice, 100 race choice and 50 race choice with a couple heats of each so everyone gets a chance to race in their own lane. We will have the other pool for warm downs in between.

We hope you will be willing participants in the fun of challenging ourselves with the 400 Pull for Time and USMS Virtual Swim Meet. 

I look forward to seeing you on (date of next practice). May the force, fun and camaraderie be with you!

Warmest regards,
(Your Name)
Coach, How are You?
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These are unusual times, and we want to stay connected. One of the ways is by attending our Annual LMSC Coaches & Clubs Clinic on Saturday, October 10.  Mark you calendars.

Our featured topics are mindful of our current state of swim affairs.

Presenters and Round Table discussion to cover these topics:

  1. How to Keep Your Team Together 
  2. Staying in Shape While Out of the Water 
  3. How to Adjust your Workout to Different Speeds & Abilities

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Thank you,

Carol Nip
Chair, Clubs & Coaches
Pacific Masters Swimming