Thank You Members!

Now the great news! Our Club won a Diamond Level Achievement Award .

I do not want to overestimate the value of this award, but I certainly would not want to underestimate it either. 

There are three levels of it and Diamond is the best. A big bunch of clubs did get this award, but it is only because all of us took the time and effort to accomplish what it takes to achieve Diamond. 

So, what are the requirements? The average club membership is 40 members. Our club has maintained 80 members or more over the past two years, thank you to Vicki Malloy. 

We also need to have a newsletter sent out to our members at least 6 times a year. We have that, thank you to Linda Porlier. We need to have an updated and functioning website and for that, we thank Candi Int-Hout. 

We certainly appreciate those of you who have stepped up to use your talents to make our club one of the best. We do have the need for a few more of you to step up and say “I want to help”.

President Ellie Ownbey
President's Message

It was my privilege as your President to attend the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) Biannual Convention, Sept. 27 thru 29, as your delegate, in Indianapolis. Shirley Schreiber also attended the event as a State Member at Large delegate. This event is attended by over 800 ladies from all over the United States. I know this may come as a surprise to you, but the state of California does have several Republican Women’s Clubs throughout the state. Who would have thought?

A fun note in it all before I move on to important details, is that, VP Pense was there but only members of the Regency’s Club. So, if you have $5000.00 to donate to NFRW, you become a member of that group. 

It has become necessary for the NFRW to raise their membership dues from $10.00 to $20.00 per year. Thus, we have no choice, but to raise our Club dues from $30.00 to $40.00 to accommodate that increase.

Well, I guess I must say that there is some alarming news as well! Apparently, the Democrats have created a track to intimidate Republican candidates from even running for office, any office, thru character destruction. This is not only causing us Republican voters to become discouraged and just plain choose not to bother voting at all.

We had a wonderful agenda of guest speakers over the three days of meetings and most expressed the need for “prayer”. 

Many believe that it is that power that got Trump elected and that only that power will keep him in office to further the conservative movement in our country

Please take time each day to pray for our President’s wisdom and his protect from the ridiculous character assignation of the democrats.  

President Ellie Ownbey
Legislative Report by Marrianne

We will be voting on three ballot measures:
         ● Initiative Measure No. 976 regarding $30 car tabs
         ● Referendum 88 regarding affirmative action
         ● Senate Joint Resolution 8200 – a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would expand the states emergency powers
       ●   There are also 12 Advisory Votes on your Nov. 5, 2019 ballot - Advisory votes are non-binding. You are simply advising the legislature to repeal or maintain a tax increase.  
The 2020 race for Governor is already heating up with four Republican candidates filing to run as follows:
Google their web page for more information:
Phil Fortunato – currently a Senator from the 31 st  district
Loren Culp – currently the Police Chief of Republic WA. He is also an author.
Jason Freed – currently in real estate, was Mayor of Bothell
Anton Sakharov, businessman
V isit
Caring For America
October & November Charities
I am delighted to report that the ladies at Real Options were over whelmed with the many bags of "Everything Baby", our October charity. My estimate is the value is between $350-$400 . This included 230 diapers, 8 containers of wipes, 12 socks, 31 onesies, 5 PJs, 4 outfits, 6 blankets, 12 bottles, 4 pacis, 15 bibs, 2 teether-toys, 12 spoons, shampoo and lotions, board books and a nail care kit. You ladies are always so generous but when it comes to babies you all SHINE!!! 
 If you know any quilters...this group loves 34"x 34" baby quilts.

Our  November  charity will be aiding needy veterans who come to The Bunker. Many vets just drop in for coffee, a donesut or game of cribbage. These volunteers provide free services in counseling, medical and housing referrals, food, clothing, gas vouchers, small emergency cash needs and in-home visits for house bound vets who like visits. They sponsor the annual Veteran's Stand-down especially useful to homeless vets, They also provide Christmas dinners and gift cards to needy veterans. If you know of such an individual or veteran family---please give me their name, address and phone number I will see that The Bunker or the American legion are made aware.
April Featherkile 
Up-coming Events

October 18 th thru 20 th       Fundraiser at Nason Creek Rest Stop
                                            Our shifts are: Friday the 18 th , 6 to 10 PM,
                                                                        Saturday the 19 th , 8 AM to 10 PM
                                                                        Sunday the 20 th , 8 AM to 10 PM
                                             We will serve beverage and cookies to travelers. 
Donations o almost $1000.00. 

November 4, 2019             CDRW General Meeting Luncheon at the Red Lion

December 4, 2019             CDRW Christmas Luncheon at the
Wenatchee Golf and Country                                             Club. A very special luncheon to all. We will enjoy a wonderful
                                             buffet luncheon and the festive atmosphere.
                                             Reservations and prepayment are required.
  The cost will be $35.00 per person.