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Staying in Touch...

May, 2020
... Encouraging, Praying, and Praising
The standard practice for greeting church members during a church service in Latin America is hugging.... everyone. It takes much longer than the quick, four-to-five-handshakes-without-moving-from-your-pew method we use in the states.

The Apostle Paul must have been part Latino because he used the hug-and kiss-each-other-on-the-cheek greeting practice with the members throughout Asia Minor (check out the end of some of Paul's Epistles).

Staying personally in touch with our brothers and sisters in Christ is vital; yet it has become a challenge during this pandemic. Thankfully, we have a way to still see and hear each other through online platforms such as Zoom.

At the beginning of the month, I was able to set up a Zoom meeting with all of our LeadaChild national directors throughout Latin America; I have been in regular communication with our West African and Asian national directors through WhatsApp; and our LeadaChild board has been able to meet online in order to pray for our project sites and make initial plans during these unusual times.

Although we are separated by miles, the words of encouragement, the prayers, and especially - the praise to God for His mercy, care, and grace - create the unique Christian fellowship that our Lord intends for HIs children.
It's not as powerful as face-to-face... but is still a great blessing!

Keep all of these faithful workers in your prayers. In many ways, the circumstances they are experiencing are far more challenging than what we are facing here in the states... yet their faith, hope, love, and joy are still shining through for the sake of the Gospel and those whom they serve.

Dr. Phil
May - June
Continued prayers for the children, leaders, and teachers at our international project sites
Thank You, Faithful Givers
Thank you to all our faithful givers during these uncertain days.

Funding a Lutheran non-profit organization has become a great challenge since most churches and schools are unable to meet in person, many people are out of work, and the financial market has greatly impacted some of our donors' regular income.

When it comes to supporting us - first, take care of your family and your congregation...we believe that taking care of your household and local church are the priority. If and when you are able to continue your support to LeadaChild, that will be a blessing to our ministry as we remain fully committed to our goal of sharing the love of Jesus with children all around the world.

God always provides for the work He calls us to accomplish!
West Africa Update
While schools and ministries are closed all around the world, some thing are still moving forward. At the project site in Bo, Sierra Leone, the school building is receiving a facelift as we work to make it one of our educational "hubs," providing a model of Christian educational excellence and a place for additional teacher training throughout the region.

In Ghana, Pastor Nicolas Salifu shared a few updates during this pause in regular school meetings. Pictured below with Pastor is Silas, who wants to learn more about God's Word and greatly desires to join the ministry someday.
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