Technical Assistance Bulletin
May 8, 2020
Senior Director, Fiscal Practice Improvement
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Cash Flow Projection Tool
CCSI is pleased to share this Cash Flow Projection Tool with our community partners. One of the key strategic tasks of agencies during this crisis is to manage cash flow and available funds to meet financial obligations (payroll, rent, utilities, payors, etc.).  This Cash Flow Projection Tool allows an agency's Finance Officer to monitor the current and future "Cash" balance through the tracking of cash receipts and expenditures (Cash Flow). The goal is to be able to make all necessary payments and anticipate when credit withdrawals (loan proceeds) are needed and when loan repayments can be made, minimizing interest expenses.  
Chief Human Resources Officer
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.
Workplace Safety and Worker's Compensation Classification Codes
As organizations start planning to return staff from remote working to brick and mortar worksites, employee safety is top of everyone’s minds. Keep your workplace safe and classify telecommuting employees for payroll.