Vol. 3, Issue 2, March 14, 2019
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In this week's edition: Shortage of skilled trades workers in Hamilton continues; Tips on managing your to-do list; Canada's best diversity employers.
Skilled trades workers of all levels needed by Hamilton's Manufacturing sector
According to early results of Workforce Planning Hamilton's EmployerOne Survey 2019 the manufacturing sector is seeing steady growth, while still struggling with a lack of skilled trades workers. Ninety-one percent of manufacturing sector employers surveyed plan on hiring this year.

Employers told WPH that they face challenges filling both highly skilled positions and labourer positions. Small and medium sized businesses face increased challenges such as retaining their employees.

You can find out more about what manufacturing employers shared with WPH when the complete EmployerOne results are released at the end of March.

In the meantime, an information piece, Manufacturing in Hamilton, that WPH created for our Manufacturing Day event in 2018 provides in- depth detail about industrial manufacturing in Hamilton.

Listed are the job titles, educational requirements and annual salaries for occupations such as manufacturing managers, engineers, welders and labourers.

sleep and stress
Tackling Your To-Do List: 5 Ways to Combat Stress

A recent study by VitalSmarts shows that when it comes to managing our time and to-do lists, people are habitually over-committed and overwhelmed.

Of the 1,353 people surveyed, 3 out of 5 agreed 
that they have more to accomplish than they can actually do in the time they have available.

Another 1 in 5 say they have reached their limit and can’t possibly commit to more.

The top 5 reasons people attribute for their overgrown to-do lists include:

  • A desire to be helpful, accommodating, and polite
  • The tendency to jump in and fix problems, even when they aren’t theirs
  • Ambiguous limits and unclear rules about which tasks to accept or reject
  • Working with those in authority who make non-negotiable demands
  • An inability to say “no” or renegotiate commitments

Canada’s best diversity employers build respectful, inclusive workplaces
Diversity within an organization doesn’t just happen on its own.

Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2019 understand that it takes more than good intentions to achieve a truly diversified work force.

Through a variety of innovative and progressive initiatives, these winning employers have each made huge strides toward creating a more inclusive and respectful workplace. 

Labour Force Information, Hamilton, February 2019
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